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What I got up to in Prague

andy warhol art gallery prague

So you may have seen my post a few months ago about booking my first solo trip. Welllll, this is it! I’m going to start off cheesy, so apologies. I’m so glad I did this. I’ve proven to myself that I can do anything I put my mind too. Even those things that seem daunting as hell.

It’s been an amazing experience and I’d love to do it again. It would be lovely to visit Prague again, but I think I’ll take a trip somewhere else before I do come back. Because now I know I can take a solo trip (and have a bloody amazing time, aaaah) I can broaden my horizons and have more adventures.

But for now, it’s still all about Prague.

Before I start, if you’d rather not read a hell of a long post about my trip, my YouTube highlights video is linked at the end! It’s not got everything in it, but it’s got a cool city vibe to it.

My flight left Birmingham at 3pm on Friday 23rd February. With Prague being well known for its beer, I expected the groups of lads going for a booze up weekend, but bloody hell they were rowdy. 2 hours and 15 minutes later, I landed in Prague with a headache, but also bundles of excitement.

By the time I reached my hotel and unpacked, there wasn’t a lot of time to do much. So I went for, what I planned to be a short walk but ended up getting lost, then eventually just grabbed a sandwich and a drink. I had an early night to get me ready for the rest of the weekend.

I’m going to be honest and say my only reasoning for choosing the hotel was because of how the rooms looked. Of course I made sure there was a decent shower, had good ratings, etc. but the decor just appealed to me so damn much.

axa hotel prague

I was up bright and early on Saturday and went up to Charles Bridge! I was in awe. The first time I walked over I was snapping pics and getting some videos, so I actually think that drew my attention away a little bit, but I was still taken aback by the stunning views. It was on the way back that I put my phone away and gave it my full attention. Annnnnnd I’m so glad I did because it’s so beautiful. From the details on the bridge itself, to the incredible surroundings, it’s definitely worth putting up with the crowds.

charles bridge prague

I did try to avoid a lot of the attractions bustling with tourists. Not just because of the overcrowding, mainly because I just didn’t fancy doing all of that.

Yeah, I know. I might regret it. But if I change my mind and want to see more of the sights, I can always take another trip (now I’m just looking for excuses to go back, hah!). Seriously though, I love walking, so having a stroll through the streets, grabbing a snack and heading into whatever shops or museums or whatever takes my fancy is much more enjoyable to me. I feel free. Not like I have to rush to get around all the attractions just to say I’ve done it. But obviously I do enjoy some tourist spots, and if you have a list to tick off then that’s also fine! You do you. It’s just not for me.

Anyway, I didn’t just walk across Charles Bridge and then turn back. I did take a walk which (I think) lead me to Prague Castle. It looked stunning but there was a very large queue which put me off a bit. So I just took in the view.

The sky had gone a lil cloudy by this point but it was still beauuuutiful!

prague castle view

On the way back I stopped off at a Gingerbread Museum. I was surprised I didn’t start drooling because everything looked so damn good. Then I had a little wander around the streets and accidentally found stumbled upon a high street, so of course I did a bit of shopping.

Then I headed back to my hotel to chill for a bit before heading out on the night for some food. I couldn’t find the restaurant I planned to go to, the James Dean diner, even though I was using Google Maps (what a knob) so then I decided to just go into the next place I saw. But, being as picky as I am, I couldn’t do that, so I spent a little while walking until my feet hurt enough that I eventually gave up and just pushed the door of a little Czech restaurant.

Which was a good decision because I had an amazing meal. I was stuffed.

My quest for the James Dean diner continued on Sunday morning, and this time I succeed. There’s big curtains behind the door when you first go in, which surprised me a bit. I think I actually made a little “oooooh” sound when I walked through.

james dean diner prague

I decided to just have a mushroom omelette and take in the theme of the place. Then I wandered around, ate a trdelník – one of the best things I did (!!), before visiting a modern art gallery.

You had to go up a winding staircase and then push a big wooden door to get to each exhibition. The final one freaked me out at first because there were people crouching on the floor in a dark room… it was actually one of the pieces of art, by my god, I thought they were real and may or may not have jumped when I went into the room.

I retreated back to my hotel again to defrost and have a shower. That night I left a bit earlier to take a stroll into the Old Town as the sun set. It was beautiful how the light fell around the stunning architecture. Then I reached the Hard Rock Cafe, which was huge compared to its rather small looking exterior.

All of the tables were taken so I sat at the bar, had some amazing chicken strips, some wine and then a few cocktails.

Yeah, I may have left a little tipsy but it was so much fun.

hard rock cafe prague

It was time for me to come home on Monday afternoon, so I spent a few hours wandering around the Prague Gallery of Art. There were exhibitions from Salvador Dali, Alphonse Mucha and Andy Warhol. It obviously had such a different feel to the modern art museum I visited the day before, but it was just as brilliant.

I think I enjoyed how in depth the exhibitions were here just a bit more though. It was all laid out in such a clever and interesting way.

After having a culture filled morning, I had about an hour to kill before I needed to get to the airport. So I became a basic bitch and went to Starbucks. I hate coffee and think the place is both overpriced and overrated but it was freezing so I wanted to stay warm for a bit. I had a hot chocolate and started writing this post, haha!

Then I ended up back home. Over the moon to see my dog but instantly missing it. I’m craving to go back to Prague already.

But anyway, that’s what I got up to while I was there! I would definitely recommend it if you love culture or just want a little break, but that’s not too wildly different from home, if you’re used to city life. It was ideal for my first solo trip, so consider that too if you fancy doing the same.

Watch my Prague highlights video!!

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