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Top 5 Moments From 110 Above Festival

110 above festival

If I hadn’t already mentioned it… I went to 110 Above Festival this year. I think I’ve told absolutely everyone what a wonderful weekend I had. But I realised I can never summarise it, so I’m writing this post to talk about my top 5 moments from the festival.

Edit: Okay, I struggled with the order massively. I don’t know which of these are my single most favourite thing, so instead we’ll go all talent show results: In no particular order, here are my top 5 moments from 110 Above Festival!


 1. Inn Sessions.

There was extra activities each night after the headliners. On Friday, all my friends headed over to the Old Town Hall which was hosting a DJ set. Being quite drunk and up for a laugh, I went along with it for about an hour, before I realised it wasn’t for me. I’ve never been one for clubbing, which was probably obvious to everyone by my terribly, awkward dancing.

Anyway, for the rest of the evenings, I was more at home. Chilling on a sofa in the Gospell Inn. A few bands who had performed each day came back to play a few acoustic tracks for everyone. There would be a few originals mixed in with covers. From Oasis to Kings Of Leon, everyone was happily singing along. There was such a friendly atmosphere in the cosy little barn. A great tone to end busy days on.


110 above festival


2. Adorable set up.

You wouldn’t expect much from an upcoming festival in the middle of nowhere. I certainly didn’t. Especially because of the brilliantly cheap price of a weekend ticket. The line up alone was good enough for me to make the effort to travel, so I wasn’t too bothered about what it would look like. So when we arrived and was greeted by fairy lights lighting up a forest path, leading to the “welcome” sign, I was so surprised.

As we began to explore, it was instantly clear that a lot of effort had been put into the layout. Each stage had been decorated beautifully. One of my favourite areas was the Gospell Inn. It had a rough and real sort of feel. Ooh that rhymed.

There was a grass area (a.k.a The Meadow) where garden games were available, or you could just sit and relax on one of the hay bales or deck chairs.


110 above festival


The cute style of the intimate area isn’t like anything I’ve seen before. It was so charming to wander around between the stages – definitely improved my whole experience!


3. Friendly AF People.

At every gig, you get some dickheads. It’s standard. So to have a chilled music filled weekend without anyone really trying to ruin it for everyone else was great. Everyone I met was lovely. There was a positive vibe all weekend.

A bonus was how kind all the staff were. They’d happily have a chat with you, and would help you out if you had any questions. Take late Sunday night as an example. We were heading back to our tents, a member of staff warned us of a severe storm that was forecast. It only ended up being a bit of rain, but I thought it was good of them to tell us so we could prepare.


4. The cutest little stall.

In The Meadow there was an amazing stall from Freedom Of Ztyle. I was drawn to it as soon as we went through to the arena area on Friday. It looked wonderful from afar, so when I actually went and took a look, oh my god, I was in heaven! There were so many colourful clothes and amazing accessories. I wanted to buy everything. But unfortunately my funds for the weekend wouldn’t allow that. So instead I just went for the prettiest skirt I’ve ever seen. I’ll admit it’s quite short, but who doesn’t love a mini skirt?

Here’s me awkwardly squinting at the sun trying to flaunt the skirt. Look at the little tassels!


110 above festival


The lady at the stall also gave me a lovely tote bag for free! She didn’t have anything for me to put the skirt in, and this bag had a few marks on it so she was going to sell it cheap. Instead she asked if I minded having that bag for the skirt, even with the blemishes. Not at all! And after a wash, it’s like brand new!


5. Animals.

Being on a farm, of course there was going to be a few animals roaming around. There was the famous, Mertyl the cow, who I caught peeping at everyone.


110 above festival


No dogs were allowed, but a few people didn’t know about this, so they brought their pets along. Me being a huge dog lover, I had to say hi to every pup I met. They were all super friendly but it made me miss Olive a bit too much.

But from guarding pathways to sitting on the bar, the star of the weekend had to be the chicken. Her favourite place seemed to be the Gospell Inn. At one point we were eating some very large burgers, and she was just strolling around inspecting everyone.

It looks like she’s taking centre stage in this picture.


110 above festival


So there! That was my attempt at a summary of the best things about 110 Above Festival and now I’m missing it like mad again. I need to get tickets for next year now.

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