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3 tips to make your wardrobe more ethical

ethical wardrobe

Even though I purchase most of my fashion pieces from charity shops and vintage stores, my wardrobe still isn’t all recycled. I’d say it’s about 85% ethical. Which of course I’m proud of but I always wanna do better if I can.

4 years ago, my wardrobe only consisted of fast fashion items. I started by just buying a few vintage pieces purely because I liked the style and love the idea of having a unique outfit.

Then as I started to grow my collection, I began reading about the negatives of fast fashion and how shopping more ethically can make a difference.

So then that was another thing inspiring me to buy more second hand clothes. I could look cute and be ethical.

Now it’s become a bit of a routine for me but if you’re wanting to make your wardrobe more ethically friendly, here’s 3 tips to get you started!

Limit yourself

If almost everything you own is from fast fashion brands, this is probably the best place to start. Set a limit of how many fast fashion items you can buy in a month.

The number you pick depends on how many things you buy regularly, I guess. But don’t feel guilty if you don’t manage to stick to it at first!! It’s a bigger change than you think.

Start with second hand

Whenever you need that new dress or top, don’t go straight to ASOS. There’s plenty of more ethical places you can look first!

Local charity shops, vintage stores and Depop are my go tos. Just search what you’re looking for and see if anything fits what you need before shopping high street.

If you don’t find anything at first, don’t worry! There is a bit of an art to charity shopping. Just making the effort to start shopping more ethically is great.

Recycle your clothes

It’s not just about buying clothes ethically, you can also have a more ethical wardrobe by getting rid of some of your clothes.

Every few months, take some items you don’t want anymore to a charity shop. You’re donating to good causes and keeping your wardrobe more ethically friendly by recycling clothes, instead of just dumping them.

I try and sell some of my items occasionally too. That way I’m helping others to shop more second hand if they like my items, and making a lil bit of money in the process. It’s literally all win win!

So there you go! Those are my 3 tips to help make your wardrobe more ethically friendly.

As I said before, it takes a very long time to get a completely recycled wardrobe. I’m still not there yet, but implementing these things into my life has helped me get to the point I’m at.

I hope they help you too! Every step, even tiny, towards a more ethical wardrobe is incredible!!

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70s look books collection

I adore vintage fashion from a range of eras, but the 70s is the one I’m a lil obsessed with.

Flares, platforms and roll necks jumpers are my kink.

Okay not in that sense of the word, hah! But I do love ‘em. So when I’m in vintage stores, I’m usually looking for a specific 70s piece. If not, I’ll probably end up stumbling upon something from the era and desperately hoping that it fits.

My favourite outfits that I put together are usually 70s inspired so it’s not a surprise that filming 70s look books for YouTube comes to me pretty easily. It also my favourite kind of video to film because I get to pratt about in all my cute outfits. Hah!

That being said, I thought I’d collect all these themed look books I’ve made so far into one space.

So if you feel like the fashion side of your life is lacking some groovy vibes, check out my 70s look books!




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vintage tasseled jacket
the sun was a tad bright

After not being clothes shopping for a while, I’ve been doing a lot of catching up!!

You may have seen my recent video about the pretty big shop I did in Cow. Well, I went back again last weekend and luckily I didn’t spend as much, but I did find a few more amazing pieces.

One of those things was this insane vintage tasselled jacket.

It’s black and cropped in a funky way. There’s tassels around the front, back and down the sleeves. It’s honestly the jacket of my dreams, ahhh!!



The tag says it’s a size 16 so I was a bit worried it would be too big. I tried it on in the shop just to make sure and it’s not a bad fit at all!! I’d say it fits me like a size 12 jacket would, so I’m guessing it’s just how the sizes have changed over the years. And also the fact that I think it’s American so of course the sizing is different to the UK’s.

Anyway, yeah it has a pretty good fit and gives me such 70s vibes!! It’s helped me rediscover my tan flares that I haven’t been able to wear for a while, because when i got my new coat, the colours were too similar and i just felt beige when I wore them together. Which isn’t how I like to feel, hah.

If it hadn’t of been so cold these last few months I could’ve thrown on another jacket, or not worn one at all, but that was never going to happen. So they’ve just been hanging in my wardrobe looking sad.

Buuuuuuut as soon as i got this jacket home I just knew it would look great paired with these trousers, and what do you know, of course I was right (joking, i’m not that in love with myself haha).


So I’m over the moon about that!! But obviously I’m not wearing those this time. I thought I’d try the tassels with this silver metallic dress.

If I may say so myself, it’s a look! I always struggle with this dress because I’m never sure how I feel about how it hugs my body. This jacket gives it a really nice edge though so it takes the focus away from that.

It’s one of those things that I didn’t know I needed until now.

Strangely the tassels makes me feel fierce. I actually want to wear this jacket every day. If I could, I would. I’m just not sure it’d be suitable for work. Plus, my dog has tried to bite the tassels a few times already so i’ve definitely got to be wise about when i choose to throw it on, hah!


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I just can’t wait for it to be Spring

spring floral dress

Please say you sang the title in the tune of “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from The Lion King, because other than my ramblings, my awful puns are all you’ll get out of this post.

I just really want it to be Spring. Like properly Spring. With blossom trees and blue skies. Not just saying it’s technically spring, while the central heating is still nearly on full.

I know how much we’re all fed up of the British weather. After dealing with the -14 temperatures in Prague, I never thought I’d be cold again. But wind and snow is a little different to a sunny day with a cold chill.

Also, I can’t be the only one who’s reaction to the weather is completely different when I’m on holiday?? Like being freezing at home sucks, but put me in a different city and I’m loving it.

But now I’m so ready for Spring.

Winter is too cold and summer is too hot. Spring and autumn are the good middle ground seasons.

Everything feels fresher when we hit spring. I think it’s the sudden jump in brightness. From short days to long and from few flowers to hundreds. The days are so much lighter and colourful.

Spring is definitely my favourite, but I feel the same about autumn. The natural colours all around are what I adore. It’s the transition seasons that I have a soft spot for.


spring, vintage dress

I feel like I can be the freest with my style in these months. Big coats all zipped up aren’t needed. Layer after layer is a no no. Colourful tees, midi skirts and pretty dresses can come out and I feel like I can dress exactly how I want. Without having to worry about being too cold or too hot.

There’s some pieces in my wardrobe that I miss wearing so much. I’ve been feeling a little bored with my style lately, so when I can finally get out all my favourite warmer clothes, I’ll be buzzing.

I only bought this vintage dress last weekend but I’m soooo excited to wear it. I wasn’t sure about it at first because of the shape of it – v necks aren’t usually that flattering on me. And the pattern made me a little nervous, but I was so pleasantly surprised once I’d tried it on!!

It’s a bit big but I think that adds some weird edge to it. I can’t wait to try out different looks with it. It’s gonna be a challenge but one I’m welcoming with open arms because agh, it’s so pretty! And just perfect for spring.

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The outfit that was made for me




Do you ever put on an outfit and instantly feel amazing? Even though it’s vain, you can’t stop looking at yourself, because you just feel that good?

Well, that happened to me recently. I went onto ASOS looking for things I needed, one of them being a new pair of jeans after this happenedBut somehow I ended up on ASOS Marketplace with 3 things I didn’t need in my basket.

I say I didn’t need them, but I was getting bored of my wardrobe. I’m in love with everything I ordered so much that now I wouldn’t be without them, so let’s say I just didn’t know I needed them.

My favourite purchase is undoubtedly this co ord. As soon as I first put it on, I was in love.

It’s 3 of my favourite things.

Green, velvet and covered in flowers. Of course that’s what drew me to order the set in the first place, but I didn’t think I’d be so happy with it. It’s elegant yet fierce.

As if the style of it alone wasn’t enough, it fits perfectly. I selected the medium size because that’s usually my go to, but I can’t remember the exact measurements that were on the website. It must have been very close to, maybe even the same, as my size because WOW.




I’ve never had anything fit so good, especially not a co ord. They’re usually so difficult to get in the right size because I’m different sizes on top and bottom. So I usually end up with a shirt a bit too small or something too loose around my waist.

But this one is magical. It hugs in all the right places and is so damn comfy. I could wear it forever.

I feel like it was made for me.

Whenever I usually shoot photos for my blog, I often spend a while deleting the majority of them because I hate my face hah, a shirt isn’t sitting right or something dumb like that. But I loved so many of the pics from this shoot that I’ve included a lot more than I normally would. Oops!

I’m pretty sure that’s because of this co ord. Every time I put it on I feel like it was meant to be. My confidence goes through the roof! Maybe it’s my soulmate. That’s a thing, right?



Well, it’s a thing now. I’ve found my soulmate outfit.

Do you have one outfit that you feel utterly amazing in?

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Styling a floral dress in the colder months


Midi and maxi dresses have a place in my heart, so I don’t want to stop at summer and put them away for a year. I’m going to keep my legs out until they physically freeze and fall off.

Okay, not literally.

But I recently bought this midi dress from Nobody’s Child in a sale. Mainly because I was feeling sad that I had to return a beautiful pair of trousers because I read the sizing wrong online. So what do I do? Naturally buy more clothes online, of course.

The floral design of this dress is really simple, it actually reminds me of some wallpaper I saw once… I think it’s the cut of the dress which makes it so damn cute.

I decided to go for the classic tee shirt under dress look. Even though I’m braving my legs out as it gets colder, I’m not a complete moron. (Although some might disagree).

Then I topped it off with my trusted vintage coat. I should really get a new one now, to mix things up a bit. And I have been looking, but you know when you’re just not sure if anything ever will be as good as what you’ve already got? Because, well, do I really need a new one? Yeah, that’s the state I’m currently in.

Now it’s down to the feet with my Polley Dr Martens. Not my favourite, but my go to pair as they compliment pretty much every outfit going.

It’s such a cosy little look, if I do say so myself.

Minus the white tee, plus a pair of heeled boots, a leather jacket and some accessories, this dress will be perfect for a night out as well.

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Why I love a good co ord

We’re going back to summer with these photos. I’ve been waiting a while to use them, not sure if I should, and I finally thought, why not? I love my braided hair, the setting and the colours in this outfit. Apart from my awful posture and so not subtle sun burnt arms, I love everything about these photos.

Another thing I love is co ords!

I couldn’t tell you how many twin sets I have off the top of my head. I love a good pattern, so most of them have wild designs on or are flowery as fuck.

Out of all fashion items, I’d say twin sets are the thing I’m drawn to most.

co ord

The best thing about them?

How many different looks you can get just from one twin set! A co ord looks lovely when worn as it’s pair. It’s easy to dress up and dress down. If I’m wearing a set in the day, I usually throw on a cardigan and some comfy shoes, most likely Dr Martens.

I was about to go out for dinner when these photos were taken, so I wore sandals with a slight heel and a leather jacket (which isn’t in the pics) to “posh” up the outfit a little.

But you don’t have to wear the items together, and that’s where it gets fun.

I’m quite the fan of a plain white t shirt, so I’ll often take the patterned bottoms from a co ord, and pair that with a simple tee. Or flipping it around, I’ll tone down a colourful twin set top with some black trousers (see here) or blue jeans.

You can create so many different looks from 2 pieces of clothing, and as much as I repeat outfits, I love the excitement of putting on a new outfit and feeling great.

co ord

Do you love co ords as much as I do?

PS: If I ever do solve my posture problem, there will be a 1500 words celebratory post.

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Polka Dots and Flares


Please excuse my blurry hand in the photo above, becauuuuuse I recently put together one of my favourite outfits ever!

There’s actually nothing new in this outfit what so ever. Well, the flares are only about a month old, but this wasn’t the first time I’d worn them.

I put this look together while I was on holiday. Unfortunately for me, you can’t fit your whole wardrobe in a suitcase. So I didn’t have all of my favourite tops and what not, because what I could take needed to be thin enough to help me survive the heat.

Flares fashion forever.

Of course it gets a bit colder at night, so luckily I was able to wear these incredible flares from ASOS. They’re super comfy and look amazing.






I wore them with a black ribbed bodysuit from and platform sandals that I’ve had in my bedroom for so long I can’t remember where I got them…

Now for the polka dots!

I picked up the jacket I’m wearing at a Vintage Kilo Sale. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s a sort of “touring” event. They go around different cities in the UK with a bunch of vintage clothes. On your way in you have to pay a small fee (usually about £1.50, I think) to pick up a plastic bag, then take a look around, and whatever clothes you like, pop them in the bag. When you’re finished, the staff there will weigh your bag and ta da! The weight of the clothes you’ve picked up will determine what you pay i.e. 1 kilo = £15.

I’ve been to many of these events and I love them! You can get some real gems if you look deep enough, and at such small prices! This jacket in particular is super light, so probably didn’t add much weight to my bag that day at all.




I’ve always struggled to pair the jacket with anything before. Even though it’s so simple, I’ve never found an outfit that I felt it matched. I mainly chucked it in my suitcase just so I had more than one jacket.

So when I had this unfinished outfit, I thought I’d try it over the top, as there’s not really any pattern without it. And I think it looks really cute! I’m so glad to finally get some wear out of this jacket after it being shoved away in my wardrobe for nearly a year.




Then of course I needed a pretty little bag to finish it all off. I went with this small patterned handbag from ASOS Marketplace.

I’ll be repeating this look without a doubt.