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Why I love a good co ord

We’re going back to summer with these photos. I’ve been waiting a while to use them, not sure if I should, and I finally thought, why not? I love my braided hair, the setting and the colours in this outfit. Apart from my awful posture and so not subtle sun burnt arms, I love everything about these photos.

Another thing I love is co ords!

I couldn’t tell you how many twin sets I have off the top of my head. I love a good pattern, so most of them have wild designs on or are flowery as fuck.

Out of all fashion items, I’d say twin sets are the thing I’m drawn to most.

co ord

The best thing about them?

How many different looks you can get just from one twin set! A co ord looks lovely when worn as it’s pair. It’s easy to dress up and dress down. If I’m wearing a set in the day, I usually throw on a cardigan and some comfy shoes, most likely Dr Martens.

I was about to go out for dinner when these photos were taken, so I wore sandals with a slight heel and a leather jacket (which isn’t in the pics) to “posh” up the outfit a little.

But you don’t have to wear the items together, and that’s where it gets fun.

I’m quite the fan of a plain white t shirt, so I’ll often take the patterned bottoms from a co ord, and pair that with a simple tee. Or flipping it around, I’ll tone down a colourful twin set top with some black trousers (see here) or blue jeans.

You can create so many different looks from 2 pieces of clothing, and as much as I repeat outfits, I love the excitement of putting on a new outfit and feeling great.

co ord

Do you love co ords as much as I do?

PS: If I ever do solve my posture problem, there will be a 1500 words celebratory post.