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How I took self portraits on my solo trip in Italy

self portraits in italy

Hello! My trip to Italy in September was beauuuuutiful and I’m finally getting round to talking about it here. You may or may not know that I went by myself. Of course everyone wants to get those holiday pics while you’re away, and I’m no different.

I took many many selfies, but there was some points where I wanted to get a different angle shot.

I never thought I’d be able to pose in public, especially by myself. But I frickin did it!!

Even though I thought I needed to be with people to feel confident enough to do it, I think being alone is actually what gave me the confidence. No one there knew me and it felt so free.

So I thought I’d show you some of the self portraits I managed to take and tell you a bit about how I got them.

I only took my phone on this trip. Hauling my camera around everywhere didn’t seem ideal, and plus I was worried about pickpockets. 

I meant to take my little phone stand to get better self portraits but my dumb brain forgot to pick it up before I left. So that meant I had to try and take all photos of myself by balancing my phone on whatever I could find in the moment. Which was sometimes very risky. But anyway, here we go.

The Gardens

self portraits pisa

The first self shot I got was on my first day in Pisa. I visited the Botanical Gardens and at one point I stopped to chill on a bench for a while and saw this as my first selfie opportunity. There were a few people round, but I’d say this was the quietest spot I snapped a picture of myself over the weekend.

I put my phone on self timer and balanced it against the armrest of the bench. And snap! After a few attempts, this is what I got. I do think the lighting could have been better, but I actually really like the shadows cast by the trees. I feel like it makes me look a lil mysterious, hah

The Museum

I captured this photo while in Florence! The one place I’ve always dreamed of visiting. I went to the Uffizi Gallery, which was frickin’ unbelievable. I took of a lot of photos of all the beauty in the building, but at one point I wanted to capture a moment of me being there.

There was an area with some benches about halfway round and I wanted to take a moment to chill as it was starting to become a long day. And of course I had to use that moment to get my next self portrait.

This setting was much busier than the gardens so apart from having more balls, the way I got the pic was the same.

The Rocks

This little shoot led to some of my favourite photos from the whole trip. I spent one day seeing a few of the Cinque Terre towns, which I totally recommend visiting btw!!

In a moment of total self love and confidence, I stuck my phone in a gap in a rock on the beach in Vernazza and posed my lil heart out. I think this gorgeous velvet swimsuit combined with the incredible time I was having just made me feel amazing. So hell yeah I strutted my stuff and posed my little heart out!

I got quite a few stares while I was getting these self portraits haha, but it was so worth it! Not only because I adore the photos, but also because not caring about what people thought of me in that moment has given me a push to do that more often when I’m in England, and not just when I travel.

So those were the 3 self portraits I got while in Italy! No, they’re nothing you’d see in Vogue, but they represent me pretty well and I’m super proud of them. Mainly because of the confidence it took to get them hah!

But as you can see, I took them on a fairly small scale so it really wasn’t that noticeable. It’s so easy to get paranoid and think everyone is staring at you, which is why I never got any self shots when I went to Prague.

But in a weird way, it’s kind of liberating to pose in public!

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2000 Trees Festival: pros and cons

2000 trees festival

I’ve just got back from my favourite weekend of the year so far. It was at 2000 Trees!! Not my first festival, but the first camping festival I’ve ever been to by myself.

I’d been excited for months but didn’t really know what to expect. All of my worries faded quickly with how relaxed the atmosphere was – I’d have happily stayed there another few days (yes, even with virtually no signal).

It’s a hugely underrated festival for any fans of rock music. So whether you have or haven’t heard of it, here’s what I thought of 2000 Trees – the pros and cons!

I’ve got to start with my highlight of the whole weekend, the silent disco.

Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy, that was so much fun!! I didn’t go and check out the disco at the main stage because I was having too much of a good time in The Cave. Everyone was dancing away and screaming the lyrics to a bunch of classics until 3am. I bloody loved it.

There were 2 ice cream stalls but unfortunately I only tried out one. Mainly because it was in a super cute retro van and there was always a long queue for it, so that means it’s gotta be good, right?! Hell yes. I had a double scooped honeycomb and vanilla in a waffle cone and it was heaven.

The double scoop cost £4.50, which I felt was a decent price considering how much I enjoyed it. It was the rest of the food on offer that I felt was a bit expensive. I understand that the festival has to make profit, especially considering we were allowed to take our own alcohol. But a pizza cost £11, and even when they’d ran out of mushrooms, so my ham & mushroom pizza was just ham, it still cost the same. Maybe I’m just tight with my money (it has been said).

2000 trees festival

2000 Trees was a cashless festival so all money was spent through our wristbands. When I first read about that, it worried me a lot. There seem to be many more negatives than positives to having money on your wrist. But it was the only option, so I had to deal with my doubts.

Now I’ve spent a whole weekend using the cashless system, I wanna use it more!! It was such an easy and safe way to purchase everything over the weekend. Just think contactless but with a little card on your wrist instead, where they show you your balance after every purchase.

The only negative of the system is that it costs £1 to get your unspent money refunded off the wristband. I think that’s pretty darn cheeky. But as I’ve already said, that might just be me being tight with money again.

With only a short walk between stages, I thought the layout of the area was great!

The only negative was that ‘The Cave’ tent was right next to the Acoustic Village so the noise interfered massively. I found it hard to hear people play acoustically when there was a band on at The Cave.

Even one of the musicians said a sound check happening was off putting, which is totally understandable. A tiiiiiiny move would solve that problem, so hopefully it’ll be better for the musicians and spectators in the acoustic village next year!!

But it was so easy to access everything so after wandering round with a map on the Thursday, I knew exactly where everything was. Which is super good for me because I could get lost in my own house.

2000 trees festival

As soon as you left the tent space, you were in the main area. I pitched my tent up right at the back of the field as it felt like ~ sort of ~ the best spot. It was really busy already when I got there on the Thursday afternoon, so there wasn’t much tent space elsewhere tbh.

It was a long walk to the festival from my tent, and I was closer to the portaloos than I would have liked, but those weren’t enough to piss me off, hah. Luckily I had a nice flat patch of grass so my tent was in a good position. I noticed a lot of tents down by the Forest Sessions on a huuuuuuuuge hill. I don’t know how anyone slept in those, but I’m guessing that was the only space they could find… If I’m right, that’s a bit of a shame!! Hopefully next year they can fix some of the space issues.

All in all, 2000 Trees Festival was bloody brilliant!

One I would definitely recommend if you’re into rock music. There was a huge variety of artists so there was always something new to discover.

And it wasn’t just music. There was plenty more to do – even crazy golf!! One that I didn’t try out unfortunately, playing a game of golf is one of the few things I’d feel stupid doing alone lol.

But I think if I’d have been brave enough, someone would’ve welcomed me. It’s the most friendliest festival I’ve ever been too. There was no worries about chatting to anyone. There was such a relaxed atmosphere, which is always nice when you’re on your own. I hate alone being at events that aren’t welcoming, but 2000 Trees was the complete opposite to that.

I’m this (finger and thumb are seconds away from touching) close to getting a ticket for next year.

If you want to see more of the 2000 Trees experience, check out my lil highlights video on my YouTube Channel, or right here!!

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Prague pics

prague pics

It feels like it’s been bloody ages since I was in Prague, but it was only February. Ain’t it crazy how you can be in a different country, have this amazing experience and then you get home and everything goes back to normal in an instant. Almost making you forget about the trip you just had.

So if you hadn’t guessed, my first solo trip to Prague has slipped my mind a bit. But something reminded me of it the other day.

I can’t tell you what exactly that was now, but it made me reminisce about my little adventure.

Then I thought, damn, I haven’t done that photo diary I planned to do. To be honest, it was a good excuse for me to go through all my Prague pics again.

So I’ve picked out my favourites and thought I’d give you a bit of a context with a few of them. It’s mostly it’s all pics for an easy scroll! If you wanna see more of my trip, you can check out my highlights video or my lengthy blog post.

I don’t think it’s possible to truly capture the beauty of Prague, but I hope you can get even just a hint of it from this post.

prague pics

prague pics
my hotel room looked super modern but was so so cosy!!

prague pics

prague pics

prague pics
the old town was definitely my favourite area i visited in prague. just look how cute these buildings are

prague pics

prague pics
the insane view from charles bridge

prague pics

prague pics
i couldn’t resist going into a gingerbread museum

prague pics

prague pics

prague pics
sunnies!! because even though it was -14 degrees, the sun was blinding, hah!
prague pics
ahhhh the hard rock cafe !! i may have left here a bit tipsy, but with amazing food and cocktails, it was the best night i had while i was there!
the old town was even more beautiful at sunset
prague pics
the decor in the james dean diner was funky

prague pics

prague pics
salvador dali exhibition – so worth a visit !
prague museum
because you can’t not take a sneaky selfie when one of the exhibits is a mirror
prague pics
the andy warhol exhibition was so interesting. another one i’d hugely recommend

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I booked my first solo trip!

prague trip

I can’t quite believe it. I’ve booked my first solo holiday !!

In my to do list for this year, I said I’d love to do a weekend in Italy. Florence to be precise. But unless I fancied a few flight changes and awkward landing times, it wasn’t going to happen.

Well, just not yet anyway. I wanted my first trip abroad by myself to be as simple (and soon) as possible. So I went for my second destination choice, Prague.

It’s happening in February and I can’t wait!

Time for me to celebrate.

Bare with me as I get a lil mushy… I’m so proud of myself for getting to a point where I feel confident enough to do this. Thinking back to me 5 years ago, I was a completely different person confidence wise.

Hardly leaving the house because I was too anxious. Overthinking every little detail (something i still do way too much, but i don’t let it consume me like i used to).

And now I’m going to a different country by myself. To some people it’s nothing, to others it’s a big thing. Honestly, all I really care about is how important this trip is to me.

13 year old Vicky would find some geeky way to tell me to “fuck off” (i didn’t swear back then, i was a good egg) in disbelief if I could go back and tell her all the things I’m now achieving, which I’ve done all by myself.

Okay, I’m going to stop praising myself up now… I’m just so happy and bloody excited! Admittedly a little scared too, but that’s giving me even more of a push to make the most of it.

Ahhh, a weekend in Prague!

Now to get planning so I don’t miss out anything I want to do.

More wine though first, of course.

prague trip