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2018 was a weird year


I don’t know about you but this year has flown by for me. Not gonna lie, there’s parts I’m not even sure really happened because 2018 has been a bloody weird year.

There’s been a lot of ups and downs, and I feel like I’m at risk of ending this year on a negative note. Which isn’t what I wanna do lads!! So I thought I’d look back on 2018 to leave the bad things in the past and to take the good energy into 2019 with me.

To say I was on an emotional rollercoaster this year may be an understatement. I’ve gone through so many different emotional states, so it’s definitely been a ride, but not my favourite one.

As I mentioned in my post about why I’ve been struggling to blog lately, dating still isn’t going great. I can’t tell if I’m gullible or if a lot of guys are just smooth af liars? Either way, I’m putting dating aside and I’m focusing on myself in 2019.

Of course a lot more has happened but there’s a few aspects of my life that I still don’t feel comfortable putting on the internet, hah. And anyway – I want this post to be more positive than negative.



At the start of the year I wrote a to do list of some of the things I wanted to do this year.

Not gonna lie, I actually forgot what goals I had set. I know, I’m so good at organising my life. But now to actually look back at that post while writing this one, I’m actually pretty proud of myself.

The first goal I set was to have a solo trip. To quote past Vicky, “A weekend in Italy is my absolute dream” but I didn’t think it would actually happen. Well, it bloody did!! I started off with a few days in Prague to test myself, then I went to a festival all by myself and then a few months later, I was in Italy. All of those solo adventures have really made this year for me.

I also said I was going to improve my content and start planning more. I can now say I probably plan even less. I’m frickin awful at it and I think I always will be. But I am pretty proud of my content this year, especially with my second 70s look book on youtube.

But it’s not all about goals. A lot of good things have happened that weren’t planned.

I started going to the gym which I’d always been against. I never thought it’d be something I’d enjoy but now I bloody love it! It’s so much fun and has made me more aware of my body and trying to stay fit. I never realised just how damn unfit I was, hah!

Another thing that I never thought I would get back into is art. I loved it at school, but it disheartened me when I didn’t get the grades I wanted, sigh. So I fell out of love with sketching and painting and what not. But in 2018, I got back into art and started to teach myself how to make jewellery! I’m still in the process of learning but it’s something I’m super excited about.


I’ve learnt a lot about myself in 2018 and had some pretty amazing experiences. They outweigh the bad things this year brought to me by far!

Here’s to more adventures, self love and only giving our time to people who truly deserve it in 2019!

Happy new year, flowers x

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How I took self portraits on my solo trip in Italy

self portraits in italy

Hello! My trip to Italy in September was beauuuuutiful and I’m finally getting round to talking about it here. You may or may not know that I went by myself. Of course everyone wants to get those holiday pics while you’re away, and I’m no different.

I took many many selfies, but there was some points where I wanted to get a different angle shot.

I never thought I’d be able to pose in public, especially by myself. But I frickin did it!!

Even though I thought I needed to be with people to feel confident enough to do it, I think being alone is actually what gave me the confidence. No one there knew me and it felt so free.

So I thought I’d show you some of the self portraits I managed to take and tell you a bit about how I got them.

I only took my phone on this trip. Hauling my camera around everywhere didn’t seem ideal, and plus I was worried about pickpockets. 

I meant to take my little phone stand to get better self portraits but my dumb brain forgot to pick it up before I left. So that meant I had to try and take all photos of myself by balancing my phone on whatever I could find in the moment. Which was sometimes very risky. But anyway, here we go.

The Gardens

self portraits pisa

The first self shot I got was on my first day in Pisa. I visited the Botanical Gardens and at one point I stopped to chill on a bench for a while and saw this as my first selfie opportunity. There were a few people round, but I’d say this was the quietest spot I snapped a picture of myself over the weekend.

I put my phone on self timer and balanced it against the armrest of the bench. And snap! After a few attempts, this is what I got. I do think the lighting could have been better, but I actually really like the shadows cast by the trees. I feel like it makes me look a lil mysterious, hah

The Museum

I captured this photo while in Florence! The one place I’ve always dreamed of visiting. I went to the Uffizi Gallery, which was frickin’ unbelievable. I took of a lot of photos of all the beauty in the building, but at one point I wanted to capture a moment of me being there.

There was an area with some benches about halfway round and I wanted to take a moment to chill as it was starting to become a long day. And of course I had to use that moment to get my next self portrait.

This setting was much busier than the gardens so apart from having more balls, the way I got the pic was the same.

The Rocks

This little shoot led to some of my favourite photos from the whole trip. I spent one day seeing a few of the Cinque Terre towns, which I totally recommend visiting btw!!

In a moment of total self love and confidence, I stuck my phone in a gap in a rock on the beach in Vernazza and posed my lil heart out. I think this gorgeous velvet swimsuit combined with the incredible time I was having just made me feel amazing. So hell yeah I strutted my stuff and posed my little heart out!

I got quite a few stares while I was getting these self portraits haha, but it was so worth it! Not only because I adore the photos, but also because not caring about what people thought of me in that moment has given me a push to do that more often when I’m in England, and not just when I travel.

So those were the 3 self portraits I got while in Italy! No, they’re nothing you’d see in Vogue, but they represent me pretty well and I’m super proud of them. Mainly because of the confidence it took to get them hah!

But as you can see, I took them on a fairly small scale so it really wasn’t that noticeable. It’s so easy to get paranoid and think everyone is staring at you, which is why I never got any self shots when I went to Prague.

But in a weird way, it’s kind of liberating to pose in public!

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my love for sunflowers


Plants are wonderful things, aren’t they? I’ve been purchasing some different ones recently, as well as discovering lots of new ones. But my favourite will always be the Sunflower.

I can’t tell you why exactly I love them so much. There’s not some deep story about how a sunflower saved my life once. I just think they’re pretty as hell.

When I was little, my brother and sister and I each had a sunflower. I remember my mom telling me how to take care of it and how I’d keep checking up on them to see who’s sunflower was growing taller. There’s always time for a bit of sibling rivalry, hah!!

I’m not sure what happened to those sunflowers now, but my love for the plant didn’t fade.



I’ve always loved spotting them out and about, and wearing them on my clothes!! As a print, they are perfect. Their bright yellow colour makes them stand out in nature and makes us stand out when we wear them.

Here I’m wearing a vintage sunflower print mini dress that I got from Cow. This one was speaking to me every time I walked past it in the shop. I’d accidentally knock it off the hanger and have to hang it back up or I’d spot the colours and think “oooooo that’s nice”, only to realise that I’d already looked at it 10 times. I saw all these little hints as a sign so I had to try it on and it fit me like a glove and is so so flattering!



When I bought this dress, it was the only sunflower ‘thing’ I had, but not anymore. A few weeks ago I spotted the plant for sale and decided that I was going to take the plunge and try to grow a sunflower again. That beauty is now happily planted in the garden!!

Actually having sunflowers around has ignited my love for them huuuuuugely. So of course I had to buy myself a bouquet of them, including roses too!

Those are what featured in this shoot. It was so much fun to get these photos. I just felt so positive, which may be down to the many sunflowers surrounding me. They just give off such good energy.


What’s your favourite flower?