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Polka Dots and Flares


Please excuse my blurry hand in the photo above, becauuuuuse I recently put together one of my favourite outfits ever!

There’s actually nothing new in this outfit what so ever. Well, the flares are only about a month old, but this wasn’t the first time I’d worn them.

I put this look together while I was on holiday. Unfortunately for me, you can’t fit your whole wardrobe in a suitcase. So I didn’t have all of my favourite tops and what not, because what I could take needed to be thin enough to help me survive the heat.

Flares fashion forever.

Of course it gets a bit colder at night, so luckily I was able to wear these incredible flares from ASOS. They’re super comfy and look amazing.






I wore them with a black ribbed bodysuit from and platform sandals that I’ve had in my bedroom for so long I can’t remember where I got them…

Now for the polka dots!

I picked up the jacket I’m wearing at a Vintage Kilo Sale. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s a sort of “touring” event. They go around different cities in the UK with a bunch of vintage clothes. On your way in you have to pay a small fee (usually about £1.50, I think) to pick up a plastic bag, then take a look around, and whatever clothes you like, pop them in the bag. When you’re finished, the staff there will weigh your bag and ta da! The weight of the clothes you’ve picked up will determine what you pay i.e. 1 kilo = £15.

I’ve been to many of these events and I love them! You can get some real gems if you look deep enough, and at such small prices! This jacket in particular is super light, so probably didn’t add much weight to my bag that day at all.




I’ve always struggled to pair the jacket with anything before. Even though it’s so simple, I’ve never found an outfit that I felt it matched. I mainly chucked it in my suitcase just so I had more than one jacket.

So when I had this unfinished outfit, I thought I’d try it over the top, as there’s not really any pattern without it. And I think it looks really cute! I’m so glad to finally get some wear out of this jacket after it being shoved away in my wardrobe for nearly a year.




Then of course I needed a pretty little bag to finish it all off. I went with this small patterned handbag from ASOS Marketplace.

I’ll be repeating this look without a doubt.