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How I took self portraits on my solo trip in Italy

self portraits in italy

Hello! My trip to Italy in September was beauuuuutiful and I’m finally getting round to talking about it here. You may or may not know that I went by myself. Of course everyone wants to get those holiday pics while you’re away, and I’m no different.

I took many many selfies, but there was some points where I wanted to get a different angle shot.

I never thought I’d be able to pose in public, especially by myself. But I frickin did it!!

Even though I thought I needed to be with people to feel confident enough to do it, I think being alone is actually what gave me the confidence. No one there knew me and it felt so free.

So I thought I’d show you some of the self portraits I managed to take and tell you a bit about how I got them.

I only took my phone on this trip. Hauling my camera around everywhere didn’t seem ideal, and plus I was worried about pickpockets. 

I meant to take my little phone stand to get better self portraits but my dumb brain forgot to pick it up before I left. So that meant I had to try and take all photos of myself by balancing my phone on whatever I could find in the moment. Which was sometimes very risky. But anyway, here we go.

The Gardens

self portraits pisa

The first self shot I got was on my first day in Pisa. I visited the Botanical Gardens and at one point I stopped to chill on a bench for a while and saw this as my first selfie opportunity. There were a few people round, but I’d say this was the quietest spot I snapped a picture of myself over the weekend.

I put my phone on self timer and balanced it against the armrest of the bench. And snap! After a few attempts, this is what I got. I do think the lighting could have been better, but I actually really like the shadows cast by the trees. I feel like it makes me look a lil mysterious, hah

The Museum

I captured this photo while in Florence! The one place I’ve always dreamed of visiting. I went to the Uffizi Gallery, which was frickin’ unbelievable. I took of a lot of photos of all the beauty in the building, but at one point I wanted to capture a moment of me being there.

There was an area with some benches about halfway round and I wanted to take a moment to chill as it was starting to become a long day. And of course I had to use that moment to get my next self portrait.

This setting was much busier than the gardens so apart from having more balls, the way I got the pic was the same.

The Rocks

This little shoot led to some of my favourite photos from the whole trip. I spent one day seeing a few of the Cinque Terre towns, which I totally recommend visiting btw!!

In a moment of total self love and confidence, I stuck my phone in a gap in a rock on the beach in Vernazza and posed my lil heart out. I think this gorgeous velvet swimsuit combined with the incredible time I was having just made me feel amazing. So hell yeah I strutted my stuff and posed my little heart out!

I got quite a few stares while I was getting these self portraits haha, but it was so worth it! Not only because I adore the photos, but also because not caring about what people thought of me in that moment has given me a push to do that more often when I’m in England, and not just when I travel.

So those were the 3 self portraits I got while in Italy! No, they’re nothing you’d see in Vogue, but they represent me pretty well and I’m super proud of them. Mainly because of the confidence it took to get them hah!

But as you can see, I took them on a fairly small scale so it really wasn’t that noticeable. It’s so easy to get paranoid and think everyone is staring at you, which is why I never got any self shots when I went to Prague.

But in a weird way, it’s kind of liberating to pose in public!

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my love for sunflowers


Plants are wonderful things, aren’t they? I’ve been purchasing some different ones recently, as well as discovering lots of new ones. But my favourite will always be the Sunflower.

I can’t tell you why exactly I love them so much. There’s not some deep story about how a sunflower saved my life once. I just think they’re pretty as hell.

When I was little, my brother and sister and I each had a sunflower. I remember my mom telling me how to take care of it and how I’d keep checking up on them to see who’s sunflower was growing taller. There’s always time for a bit of sibling rivalry, hah!!

I’m not sure what happened to those sunflowers now, but my love for the plant didn’t fade.



I’ve always loved spotting them out and about, and wearing them on my clothes!! As a print, they are perfect. Their bright yellow colour makes them stand out in nature and makes us stand out when we wear them.

Here I’m wearing a vintage sunflower print mini dress that I got from Cow. This one was speaking to me every time I walked past it in the shop. I’d accidentally knock it off the hanger and have to hang it back up or I’d spot the colours and think “oooooo that’s nice”, only to realise that I’d already looked at it 10 times. I saw all these little hints as a sign so I had to try it on and it fit me like a glove and is so so flattering!



When I bought this dress, it was the only sunflower ‘thing’ I had, but not anymore. A few weeks ago I spotted the plant for sale and decided that I was going to take the plunge and try to grow a sunflower again. That beauty is now happily planted in the garden!!

Actually having sunflowers around has ignited my love for them huuuuuugely. So of course I had to buy myself a bouquet of them, including roses too!

Those are what featured in this shoot. It was so much fun to get these photos. I just felt so positive, which may be down to the many sunflowers surrounding me. They just give off such good energy.


What’s your favourite flower?

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Prague pics

prague pics

It feels like it’s been bloody ages since I was in Prague, but it was only February. Ain’t it crazy how you can be in a different country, have this amazing experience and then you get home and everything goes back to normal in an instant. Almost making you forget about the trip you just had.

So if you hadn’t guessed, my first solo trip to Prague has slipped my mind a bit. But something reminded me of it the other day.

I can’t tell you what exactly that was now, but it made me reminisce about my little adventure.

Then I thought, damn, I haven’t done that photo diary I planned to do. To be honest, it was a good excuse for me to go through all my Prague pics again.

So I’ve picked out my favourites and thought I’d give you a bit of a context with a few of them. It’s mostly it’s all pics for an easy scroll! If you wanna see more of my trip, you can check out my highlights video or my lengthy blog post.

I don’t think it’s possible to truly capture the beauty of Prague, but I hope you can get even just a hint of it from this post.

prague pics

prague pics
my hotel room looked super modern but was so so cosy!!

prague pics

prague pics

prague pics
the old town was definitely my favourite area i visited in prague. just look how cute these buildings are

prague pics

prague pics
the insane view from charles bridge

prague pics

prague pics
i couldn’t resist going into a gingerbread museum

prague pics

prague pics

prague pics
sunnies!! because even though it was -14 degrees, the sun was blinding, hah!
prague pics
ahhhh the hard rock cafe !! i may have left here a bit tipsy, but with amazing food and cocktails, it was the best night i had while i was there!
the old town was even more beautiful at sunset
prague pics
the decor in the james dean diner was funky

prague pics

prague pics
salvador dali exhibition – so worth a visit !
prague museum
because you can’t not take a sneaky selfie when one of the exhibits is a mirror
prague pics
the andy warhol exhibition was so interesting. another one i’d hugely recommend

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Photo Diary: Lanzarote Week Two

I’m home! My annual holiday to Lanzarote is over for at least another year. As beautiful as it is, I’m actually hoping to go somewhere different next year. It’s always good to visit new places, so why not, aye?

But I can plan future holiday’s later, for now it’s back to Lanzarote!

At first I wasn’t sure which photo to use as the title image. It’s a holiday post, so the picture should be of the destination, right? Well, we managed to get quite possible my favourite photo of me ever while we were there, so I just had to use this one.

It started with me saying “let me be a model”, and then realising I’m way to awkward for that profession, so I just ended up losing the pout and laughing. Snap! The picture of my moment of “modelling” was taken and I love it. It captured my natural smile, which I much prefer to the more common forced selfie smiles. The dress I’m wearing is also one of my favourites. It’s a 90’s grunge style velvet dress with a cheeky split, which shows off my wonderful milk bottle legs. I sound super vain, but I don’t think I’ve ever looked cuter in a picture than I do in this one, so I’m allowed to be a little egotistical for a moment.

Taking a trip.

It didn’t take long before realised I was very tired on this holiday, it’s been a super long year. I needed a rest. So my usual adventurous self was tucked up all cosy at the back of my mind and I was spending a lot of time relaxing, which consisted of lots of reading, writing and napping. Not a bad holiday, if I do say so myself.

But we did decide that we needed some adventure, so this week we took a trip across Lanzarote to another popular tourist area, Playa Blanca. There was a cute little market and the harbour is beautiful! As you can see, it was the only thing I took pictures of while we were there…

The “Armas” Ferry is the one we got last week on our trip to Fuerteventura. (You can read about that in part one).


My holiday friend.

Everyone knows how down I felt about leaving Olive, and it was even worse without her. I was getting updated daily on how she was doing, with pictures of her cute little face attached, but it wasn’t the same! I missed having a pet to look after. So when I met a little stray kitten, I immediately wanted to scoop it up and carry it back to our apartment. There are hundreds of cats wondering around the island, but most of them are smart enough to stick by the streets lined with restaurants, knowing a lot of us humans can’t resist giving them a little treat.

But not this little guy. It stayed away from all the busy areas, and was always in the same spot whenever we walked past. I always stopped to say hi. I hope the kitten’s been doing alright since I’ve been home. Good luck in your life, little one!




I actually did something I said I would?!

In my photo diary of my first week on holiday, I set myself a goal. And what do you know? I actually did it. I managed to take a photo of one dinner I had all week. Okay, so I know it doesn’t sound like much, but my Instagram isn’t full of Nando’s pics. When good food is put in front of me, I tuck in like a greedy puppy. And this photo nearly didn’t exist either as I had the spoon in my hand, but I quickly remembered what I wrote, and ta da! A bloody beautiful lasagne.



After 13 days of much needed lie-ins, we had to be up at 6am for our flight home. The sun wasn’t up, which was one of the main reasons I wanted to be back tucked up in bed. But as it started to rise, wow! I was wishing I hadn’t been so lazy and woken up earlier every day. Photos don’t capture the true beauty, but here’s the sun shining on the clouds and a mountain top.

Tip for my next holiday: wake up early and see the sunrise as much as possible. (I originally wrote “everyday” and chuckled to myself. I know for a fact I will strongly refuse to get out of bed more often than not).



So there you have it! That was a little look into my holiday in Lanzarote. I’m so happy to be home, but I can’t wait to go properly exploring on my next trip. I’m thinking Italy 2018…

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Photo Diary: Lanzarote Week One


If you follow me on any social media or saw my post about leaving Olive, you’ll know that I’m in Lanzarote!  I’ve been here 4 times now and I never get over how beautiful the island is. I always take many pictures while I’m here, but apart from the odd Insta post, no one really gets to see them. So this year I thought I’d share them with you guys.

I’ve been here one week so far. It feels like we’ve been here longer than that, but it’s gone super quick at the same time. But I’ve already been snapping away with my phone camera, so here’s week one in photos!



I always like taking pics of streets. Even at home. I don’t really know why, I just think sometimes there are nice simple views right in front of us, but we don’t notice them. So those are just some of Lanzarote’s streets for you.


The swimming pool has had a make over since we last stayed here.

It’s now an infinity pool and it’s beautiful! At night has to be my favourite view though. There’s lights that change colour. From blue, to green, to purple and red – the transitions are magical! I’m not good enough to capture it’s true wonderfulness, but here’s the mystical green and purple.



We’ve done a lot of walking so far, which is great as I love exploring! I took this next photo just before we walked down some very hot steps to the beach. (I took my shoes off too soon again, and hurt my feet a little. I’m just too eager. Which is ironic because I actually hate how sand feels on my feet, but I do still love the beach so I put up with it for the fun).



What a view! This was took along the harbour in the Old Town, which is definitely my favourite part of the island, and luckily we stay right by it.


Of course I’m throwing in a selfie.

It doesn’t look very touristy, because I took it just before we were going out one night. I’m not often a fan of front facing camera pics. My face just never looks right to me haha. And it usually takes me forever to get one or two I sorta like. But, I think I look cute here, so I shall post it everywhere. Maybe even print it out on posters and hang it in the streets.



Surprisingly, as I’ve ate so bloody much this week already, I don’t have any photos of food. That’s because as soon as it’s put down in front of me, it starts disappearing. A goal for next week is to try and get a picture of at least one meal before I devour it.

Anyway, because of the lack of food, here’s an amazing cocktail I had. (It’s a Margarita, in case you were wondering).




On Friday, we hopped on a ferry over to Fuerteventura.

It’s another one of the Canary Islands which we’ve been thinking of going too next year. Everyone who’s been told me it’s amazing, with old cobbled streets and beautiful scenery. But I have to admit, my heart is with Lanzarote. Maybe it was because we didn’t get to venture out much, and were just greeted by the many little shops and bars. There was a bus we could get into a small village which I regret not doing now because I might have a completely different view on the island if we had. Nevertheless, I had a lovely day! (Even though I was nearly sick coming back on the ferry…)






That was a little look into my first week in Lanzarote! It’s a little cloudy this morning, but it’s only early, and my phone’s forecast for today has lots of little suns.

I’m excited for more adventures! There’ll be a post on week two when I get home!