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I’m going on holiday! But what about my dog?


The annual summer holiday has come around again! It’s been a very busy year so far so I’m super excited to have a little break and go on an adventure.

This will be my 4th time going to Lanzarote. Now I’ve counted, that sounds like a lot. I definitely feel like I know it pretty well, but now that I’m comfortable there, I have more confidence to explore!

Travelling is always fun, but there’s just one thing I’m worried about.

My dog.

As much as my friends like to take to mick out of me for it, Olive is my best friend and I don’t quite know what I’d do without her. She holds a massive place in my heart. Cheesy, I know.

But that’s my point with this post. I miss her when I’m at work, or if I go away for a weekend, so what am I going to do for 2 weeks without my little puppy following me around everywhere?

Those times when I do spend a night or two away, usually for gigs, family members will look after her. But with her bundles of energy and natural beagle tendencies, it didn’t seem fair to leave older relatives to chase her around for a fortnight.

So that brings us to kennels. It’s a standard thing for people to put their pets in kennels while they’re away, I know that. Still I can’t help but feel selfish. I’ll be relaxing in the sun, while my pretty puppy will be in an unfamiliar place.

The worst part?

We come home on her birthday. Her 1st birthday. So I won’t get to wake her up with cake, but I’m hoping that me coming home will be a good enough present to make up for that. And there will still be a massive party with lots of treats as soon as I pick her up.

Fortunately, we know someone who works in the kennels I’m putting Olive in. Who also has beagles, that Olive loves to play with.

Even though I think I’ll always feel a little bit guilty, she’ll be having a holiday too. She’ll be running around with other dogs most of the time. Will meet lots of new humans who I’m sure will give her many cuddles.




I have no doubt she’ll be well looked after, and have mega amounts of fun, it’s just the thought of leaving her. What if she thinks I’m not coming back? I wish there was a way to tell dogs it’s not goodbye forever.

It’s going to break my heart seeing her little face looking up at me as I have to leave. Probably bigger than any heart break a boy could cause.

Oh dear, now I sound like a crazy dog lady.

Well, maybe I am.

In a way, I hope she’s having too much fun to even think about what I’m up too. I know I’ll be thinking about her, but I know I can enjoy life without my pet for a while. And that’s not selfish. I want to remember this holiday positively; not like I ruined everyone’s time because I was being miserable, worrying about Olive.

Now I’ve finished writing this, I’ve realised it might sound a tad over dramatic.

Right now, you’re probably thinking I’m stupid. That I should “man up” and get over it, because it’s “just a dog”. To be honest, I would’ve said the same thing a year ago if I’d have read this. But now I have a pet of my own, I understand what people say about them being part of the family. You get so attached.

I’m sure there will be plenty of updates from my holiday. And of course Olive’s too! Because she’s going to be fine and have a whale of a time!

Okay, I think I’ve told myself that enough now to believe it.

Adios! for now