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3 ways to make your morning better


I’m not a morning person. I snooze my alarm every bloody day, sometimes for an hour, like this morning… And after I finally drag myself out of bed, I’ll admit I’m not the chirpiest person.

That’s a trait I’ve been wanting to change for-flippin-ever but it doesn’t seem to be possible. I’m never going to be over the moon about getting up before 8am, so I’ve accepted it!! Instead I’ve been working on ways to make my morning better once I’m out of bed. Just some little changes in my routine that will hopefully put me in a better mood.

As you can probably guess, trying to get up earlier doesn’t work for me. So that rules out a lot of things because no one has the time to switch up their whole routine.

But there are a few things that do lift my mood most times. I thought I’d share them with you in case you’re just as much of a morning hater as me.

Put some music on

Who doesn’t love a dance? I used to play music every minute of the day in my bedroom when I was in my early teens, but like a lot of things, I grew out of it. So now it’s a nice change to play some music in the morning while I get ready for work.

I tend to just play whatever music I’m feeling that day, but you could make a specific morning playlist for all the tunes you wanna sing a long too to start your day off right!!

5 minute break

Routine can be great but I think part of why I get pissed off in the morning is because my routine is so same-y and busy. Recently I’ve just been taking 5 minutes chill time to sit with a cup of tea.

I sit with my dog, check my phone, sometimes just daydream. It’s just nice to take a short break from the usual hectic morning.


This one shouldn’t require you to get up any earlier but if you don’t want to risk getting carried away- we’ve all spent too long scrolling and ended up late, you can always set a slightly earlier alarm before you start to implement this one into your routine!!

Eat breakfast

Now this is something that should probably already be part of your morning routine, but it actually isn’t for me. Eating first thing in the morning is something I’ve not been able to master yet – don’t get me started on my eating habits, sigh!!

I never tend to have a lot of energy when I wake up, and of course eating helps with that. So that’s one I’m trying to get better at, because recently I’ve noticed my mood gets better when I have a little snack before work.

And there you go! That’s 3 ways I’ve been trying to make my mornings better recently.

Let me know if you do any of these and find them helpful to lift that damn morning mood, or whether you do something i haven’t mentioned!!