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2018: to do list

to do list

I used to think a new year was nonsense. Every year was the same when I was at school and I hated it so I didn’t see the point in celebrating the same shit happening again.

Tragic, I know. But the last few years have proven that if I put the effort in, a new year can be different in a good way.

I’ve decided that I wanna go into 2018 with a plan. Well sorta. More like a list of things I want to do or achieve. To better myself and to just have a damn good time.

Solo trip

Right, so I’m starting big. A weekend in Italy is my absolute dream. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and I think next year will be when it finally happens. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

The issue I’ve had with doing it as of yet is I’ve been trying to plan it around everyone else in my life.

2017 was definitely the year I became more confident in myself. I started doing more things by myself that I never thought I’d be able too. Like going to gigs and staying in new cities in the UK alone. So why not push myself more and travel by myself?

I feel like I’ve got to a point where I’m strong enough to do it. One little trip. Of course it needs A LOT of planning (more on that later) but I think it would so be worth it. To strengthen myself as a person, to prove that I can do even more than I thought and to just have an amazing time exploring.

Experiment with looks

When it comes to clothes, I go pretty wild. It’s how I express myself the most so I like my outfits to be interesting, but most of all make me feel great about myself.

But that’s sorta where my “braveness”, if you like, ends. I adore makeup. And I have so bloody much of it, but I’m scared to use 80% of it. Mostly it’s to do with colours. I’m too scared to branch out in case I look awful and never want to wear makeup ever again. I’ve recently tried out a few new lipsticks which have been pretty kind to me. So that’s given be a bit more confidence to just try. I mean, why not?

I wanna play around with some different eye shadow hues and what not, so that’s what I’m going to do! Be a little more daring with my makeup.

to do list
yes, i did choose to take a pic of this calendar page purely because it has a beagle on it

Improve my content

I’m undoubtedly a perfectionist. Some say I judge myself too harshly, but I call it pushing myself to do better. I don’t hate my content at all. I’m so proud of myself for starting this blog self hosted and creating the site offline first. It was so damn tricky at times but I did it. Nowwww, I just want to feel super confident in everything I do with VICKY VIEWS*.

*Wow, it’s actually so weird to write it out capitalised. I couldn’t leave it looking that gross. Nope. Always uppercase, thank you!!

So I’m going to plan my posts more, take better pics and be more present on social media. Most importantly, I’m going to post content that completely reflects me as a person, because my favourite posts are the ones where I let my little brain spill out all the words it wants.

More adventures

I’ve already talked about trips abroad, but this is me wanting to find adventure even in little things. There’s so much to do in and around Birmingham that I just ignore. I’m thinking once a month, I’m going to go somewhere new. Whether that be a new town or a new bar or whatever, I’m going to do it!!

Do more planning

Almost everything I’ve mentioned requires planning, which I can actually be pretty awful at. So (hopefully) with the few days I have off at Christmas and New Years, I’m going to organise at least a month in advance of my blog. That should instantly help me improve my content because it won’t be as messy as it is right now!

Then I’ll move on to planning my lil and big adventures, eeek!

I was going to add another point to this list but then I thought, nah. It’s a big kinda personal thing that I need to stop doing (I think a lot of us do) but it’s important so I don’t wanna just chuck it in here. There’ll probably be in an depth post soon because now I’m getting all riled up just thinking about it.

Anyway, I don’t want to leave this on an angry note. Here’s to 2018 and achieving goals!