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3 things I love about being ginger


One thing I don’t talk about enough on this blog is my hair. Mainly because most of the time it annoys the hell out of me when it won’t do what I want it to and I feel like cutting it all off.

But I also forget that in most pictures my hair looks darker, so it’s hard to tell just how ginger I am. So I thought it’s about time I made a point about it here, by talking about a few things I love about being ginger. So, actually in reverse order, here goes!

3. The paleness

The sun never used to be that kind to me, but now we’re gooood. I haven’t been sunburnt in years. I bet I’ve jinxed it now, just wait until summer.

As well as not getting burnt, I never tan, even while I’m in Lanzarote, which seems to be most people’s nightmare, but I love it. My pale complexion is one of my favourite things about myself. The freckles piss me off more often than not. But I do get compared to my favourite animal, giraffes, because of them, so that’s a plus at least.

2. It’s a little different

This is the main thing I used to hate about my hair but now it’s one of the reasons I love it so much. I’ve done a whole 180. It’s “different”. I know more people are dying their hair ginger lately, but as vain as it sounds, I love that mine is natural.

Like I said, I used to feel insecure because my hair wasn’t like everyone else’s when I was growing up. I think that’s mainly because of the typical comments you get from people, especially school kids.

Anyway, I’ve learnt to embrace it. Hair is a big part of appearance and now I’m glad my hair is so unique and actually, I think it’s pretty darn cute.


1. Looking good in green

Whenever I read posts or speak to people about gingers, they always talk about the colours that don’t suit us. So consequently I avoid some colours when buying clothes (mainly red). Apparently we look bad in yellow and blues too but fuck that. I still happily wear those colours.

But it’s no doubt that green is the best match for ginger hair. Which is perfect for me because it’s my favourite colour. It’s the colour that makes me happy the most, just in general life, but it makes me even happier when I look in the mirror wearing something green and feel hot.

Of course it’s not the only colour I wear (i still love wearing all black some days #emo) but I can’t deny that I feel super confident whenever I slip into a green dress, underwear set, etc. Maybe it’s all psychological… Who knows! All I know is I’m gonna keep wearing green until I physically can’t take it anymore.

So there you go, just a few things I like about being ginger! As time has gone on I’ve grown to find new things I love about it so I’m sure there will be even more soon.