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Flares galore and self shooting


If it wasn’t already obvious, I love a flare.

My favourite pair of trousers are bell bottomed and I feel so damn good every time I wear them. They’re super comfy too which is always important. Ever since I got them a few months ago, nothing has compared. These flares are just so special. But (you knew the but was coming) now they have some competition.

I won’t lie, I was a little apprehensive about these faux leather trousers from Missguided. Originally I wanted them in black, but it was no surprise to see that they were sold out. Just my luck. So then I was left to choose between red or this nude shade. I say “choose” when really there was no choice at all. Red really doesn’t look good on me, so it had to be nude!

I wasn’t sure if they would be too much. I mean, faux leather? It’s bloody hard to pull off. But as soon as I put them on, I was in love. I feel amazing every time I wear them. That’s all I ask for from clothes. I don’t care if people think the outfit is awful, if I feel good, nothing will affect my confidence.

But let’s step away from the flares for just one second, because this post is a bit of a milestone.

For the first time ever, I shot these photos all by myself! Little old me! Most people won’t see that as a big deal, considering that the pics aren’t even that good, but it’s a big deal to me.


I feel like such a pain asking friends or family members to stop whatever they’re doing to take pictures of me. I can tell that most days they just don’t want to, but do it anyway because they know how important it is to me. So I won’t list everyone who’s helped me even a tiny bit with this blog, but thank you all. Wow, it’s like an award acceptance speech over here.

The snow day on Sunday left me with not a lot to do. So I used that time to clear a space in my bedroom, setup a tripod and pose to my heart’s content. It was actually so much fun. I didn’t have the nerves I sometimes get when trying to pose with someone else behind the camera. I stood alone in my room feeling sexy (hell yeah I said it) and laughing at myself every time a pose was just a little too much. They’re not as good as I wanted, but that’s just the perfectionist in me. I’m proud of myself for doing this all by myself. It’s a start on the journey to where I want to be.


And what a better outfit to shoot myself than one I absolutely adore. It’s flares galore! Normally when I plan an outfit it never looks like I imagined, and I did actually have a doubt with this one.

Too much flare? Now I know it’s not possible.

The look turned out better than I thought. I paired the trousers with the prettiest flared sleeve crop top from Nasty Gal. I feel amazing, even just looking at these pictures.


Treat yourself to a pair of trousers (or what ever you’d like) that makes you feel this badass!!