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I never used to like having my photo taken

photo taken

My mom found out some old photos last month and there were loads of a young me posing with a cheesy grin.

I don’t remember being that camera happy child, but it made me smile.

From as far back as I can remember, I always hated having my photo taken. The majority of my secondary school life was spent avoiding the camera, and always offering to be the photographer for my friends.

Now I think about it, I know when my opinion on pictures changed. When I was little, I didn’t care about what I looked like. I wasn’t one of those childs who would always try out their mom’s makeup and what not. I just plodded on with life, having a whale of a time.

But of course when you get to secondary school, things are completely different. I still never wore makeup apart from mascara until I was 17. That was out of choice, but I never felt as pretty as the other girls. My self confidence in general was at the lowest it’s ever been. I wasn’t my biggest fan. So I didn’t want any evidence of my current, now past, self.

never used to like having my photo taken

Now I’m 20, I think it’s a bit of a shame that I don’t really have any photos of the majority of my teenage years. Apart from the old school photo my parents bought. I mean, those forced ones are probably the worst of them all!! I’m sure I’d prefer one of the silly selfies I took with my friends.

On the other hand, like I said, it wasn’t a time in my life where I felt the best about myself. So maybe I’d feel worse if I kept seeing my younger teenage self everywhere, reminding me of those days. But we’ll never know now.

I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise when I say, I don’t hate having my picture taken anymore.

People don’t believe me when I tell them I used to hate having my photo taken. I mean, you’d only have to take one look at my instagram to think I was lying.

Even I find it funny that me, a girl who was incredibly shy with zero self confidence, now has a fashion and lifestyle blog and a YouTube channel. Of course I had gained a lot more confidence before starting this blog, mainly because I had begun to find my personal style and found a job I enjoyed.

photo taken blog post

But ever since starting this website, I’ve really started to believe in myself. Having my little space on the internet has made me grow as a person and inspired me to keep doing the things I want to do.

I’m much happier with the way I look and myself in general now, and it’s the best feeling ever.

From a girl who despised being on camera, to now having a hobby where being on camera is the main focus.

I feel like a different person to that girl with zero confidence now. I still have days where I don’t feel too good about myself and there’s not a day where I don’t think about how I used to feel.

It’s taken a while to get to this point, but it’s so refreshing to now love having my photo taken. Or shall I say, taking my own photo. I never thought I’d have a camera roll with one selfie, let alone many.

Self love is a feeling I hope everyone can experience at some point in their life! We all deserve it.

Do you like having your photo taken?

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vintage tasseled jacket
the sun was a tad bright

After not being clothes shopping for a while, I’ve been doing a lot of catching up!!

You may have seen my recent video about the pretty big shop I did in Cow. Well, I went back again last weekend and luckily I didn’t spend as much, but I did find a few more amazing pieces.

One of those things was this insane vintage tasselled jacket.

It’s black and cropped in a funky way. There’s tassels around the front, back and down the sleeves. It’s honestly the jacket of my dreams, ahhh!!



The tag says it’s a size 16 so I was a bit worried it would be too big. I tried it on in the shop just to make sure and it’s not a bad fit at all!! I’d say it fits me like a size 12 jacket would, so I’m guessing it’s just how the sizes have changed over the years. And also the fact that I think it’s American so of course the sizing is different to the UK’s.

Anyway, yeah it has a pretty good fit and gives me such 70s vibes!! It’s helped me rediscover my tan flares that I haven’t been able to wear for a while, because when i got my new coat, the colours were too similar and i just felt beige when I wore them together. Which isn’t how I like to feel, hah.

If it hadn’t of been so cold these last few months I could’ve thrown on another jacket, or not worn one at all, but that was never going to happen. So they’ve just been hanging in my wardrobe looking sad.

Buuuuuuut as soon as i got this jacket home I just knew it would look great paired with these trousers, and what do you know, of course I was right (joking, i’m not that in love with myself haha).


So I’m over the moon about that!! But obviously I’m not wearing those this time. I thought I’d try the tassels with this silver metallic dress.

If I may say so myself, it’s a look! I always struggle with this dress because I’m never sure how I feel about how it hugs my body. This jacket gives it a really nice edge though so it takes the focus away from that.

It’s one of those things that I didn’t know I needed until now.

Strangely the tassels makes me feel fierce. I actually want to wear this jacket every day. If I could, I would. I’m just not sure it’d be suitable for work. Plus, my dog has tried to bite the tassels a few times already so i’ve definitely got to be wise about when i choose to throw it on, hah!


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Learning to jewel up


I absolutely love jewellery and accessorising but I’m terrible at it. Every time I see other girls all jewelled up, I’m like “Damn, that’s so cute. Why can’t I do that?”

Then I remember. I have so many earrings and necklaces, I literally just forget to wear them.

I recently wore a pair of simple stud earrings for a few months. Then I took them out for some reason and never remembered to put them back in. It’s funny because I have quite a few piercings, so you’d expect me to be changing them up all the time. But apart from cleaning them, I leave them alone.

The other day I had a clear out of all the jewellery that I haven’t worn in ages. I basically had nothing left afterwards, but that’s good. No reason to keep pointless shit around.

That gave me an excuse to go online to Shop Dixi and take a look at getting some new stuff! I completely avoided bracelets as they’re something I can never get used to. I get so easily irritated wearing bands on my wrist now, which is funny thinking back to my 14 year old self who’s forearms were FULL of wristbands with my all favourite emo bands on. Now I can only handle wearing a watch, but I still get annoyed some days and have to take it off for a bit.

Anyway, because of that problem, I went straight to the rings section.

I’ve always been a huge lover of rings. Details, stones and their mystical qualities, colours. Everything about them, to be fair. I just never bothered to wear any.

I was spoilt for choice on Shop Dixi. Every ring stocked is so wonderful in it’s own way. Silver is my go too, as I think gold can be too bold for my skin tone. Plus, it clashes with my hair haha.



The first one that really drew me in though was the Sansa Seraphinite Sterling Silver Boho Ring, and I just had to get it. I love seraphinite and the ring just has little edge about it.

Of course I couldn’t just get one stone ring, so after a lot of flicking between tabs to find the perfect one, I went for the delicate Moonstone Ring.

The Thorn Band Midi Ring was tempting from the start. But in the end I decided that this cute little Crown Boho Midi Ring would complete my set perfectly. Then when I checked my basket, the thorn ring was in there too?

Turns out there was an offer on and because I’d spent a fair bit, I got this ring for free. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially when it’s something you were willing to pay for.


As if all those rings wasn’t enough, I bought this little moon mirror necklace a few days later after seeing it in an email from Shop Dixi.

Yeah, I work in marketing and still get sucked in by tactics.

Even though silver is my favourite jewellery, I just couldn’t resist this lil bronze number, especially for just a fiver! The detail is wonderful. It’s such a cute addition to my (now) very small jewellery collection, and I think it might just be my favourite piece.

I can’t wait to pair it with a low v-neck dress, or maybe even draped over a polo neck jumper. However I decide to style it, I have a feeling I’ll be wearing it more often than not now. I refuse to forget about this one!

Are you as bad with jewellery as I was? (Yeah, I’m writing that in past tense because I am going to be better at it…)

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Neon: A flashback to a childhood fashion phase


This year didn’t start off the way I had planned, with lots of organisation and sales shopping. I’ll spare you the stressful details of why for now. But when I eventually got round to the sales, typically a lot of the good stuff had gone, or was sold out in my size.

Oh my, the amount of times I told myself I’d be able to get into the only size still available, a 6, just to own some beautiful pieces. I wasn’t fooling anyone.

After a few online retailers left me feeling a little sad (I’m looking at you, Unif), I did finally purchase a few things from Nasty Gal and Lazy Oaf.

Funnily enough after my statement above about considering squeezing into a smaller size, I had to return a pair of trousers because they were too big. They weren’t a size 6 though, they were a medium, and who even knows what size a “medium” actually is?

Anyway, back to the blog post. One of the things I bought from Lazy Oaf was this zippy mouth jumper. This is the only jumper I brought this winter *gasp*, and I couldn’t have chosen better. It’s cute and a little silly, with a sprinkle of sass.

It clearly states on the website that it’s “neon”, but I think I forgot the definition of the word for a minute.



I was almost knocked out by the brightness when I opened the parcel.

It instantly gave me a flashback to the 80’s neon phase I went through when I was younger. I can’t tell you exactly what age that was, but I was definitely under 9 years old. So surely the age excuses this confession, right?

Suited up in yellow neon vest top, a bright skirt, leg warmers (one pink and the other green obviously), fishnet gloves and god knows how many beaded bracelets and necklaces, off I’d go with my friends, to the chippy and then the park.

That outfit style lasted longer than it should have. I looked like I was ready for a fancy dress party for about 5 months straight… But of course I didn’t see it like that. I thought I looked the bees knees then, while now I can’t stop cringing. Lucky there’s no photo evidence of that horrible choice. And to be honest, even if there was, I definitely wouldn’t admit it. There could be a whole photo album dedicated to that phase but no one will ever know.

To be fair to myself though, I had guts. And at least I’ve stuck to my guns loving vintage clothes and taking style inspiration from old school fashion. I just make better decisions with that inspiration now hah.



I think it’s safe to say I’m pulling off neon in a better way this time. When paired with darker pieces, like this black denim skirt and leather jacket, the brightness is balanced out. With just enough funk still going on.

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Flares galore and self shooting


If it wasn’t already obvious, I love a flare.

My favourite pair of trousers are bell bottomed and I feel so damn good every time I wear them. They’re super comfy too which is always important. Ever since I got them a few months ago, nothing has compared. These flares are just so special. But (you knew the but was coming) now they have some competition.

I won’t lie, I was a little apprehensive about these faux leather trousers from Missguided. Originally I wanted them in black, but it was no surprise to see that they were sold out. Just my luck. So then I was left to choose between red or this nude shade. I say “choose” when really there was no choice at all. Red really doesn’t look good on me, so it had to be nude!

I wasn’t sure if they would be too much. I mean, faux leather? It’s bloody hard to pull off. But as soon as I put them on, I was in love. I feel amazing every time I wear them. That’s all I ask for from clothes. I don’t care if people think the outfit is awful, if I feel good, nothing will affect my confidence.

But let’s step away from the flares for just one second, because this post is a bit of a milestone.

For the first time ever, I shot these photos all by myself! Little old me! Most people won’t see that as a big deal, considering that the pics aren’t even that good, but it’s a big deal to me.


I feel like such a pain asking friends or family members to stop whatever they’re doing to take pictures of me. I can tell that most days they just don’t want to, but do it anyway because they know how important it is to me. So I won’t list everyone who’s helped me even a tiny bit with this blog, but thank you all. Wow, it’s like an award acceptance speech over here.

The snow day on Sunday left me with not a lot to do. So I used that time to clear a space in my bedroom, setup a tripod and pose to my heart’s content. It was actually so much fun. I didn’t have the nerves I sometimes get when trying to pose with someone else behind the camera. I stood alone in my room feeling sexy (hell yeah I said it) and laughing at myself every time a pose was just a little too much. They’re not as good as I wanted, but that’s just the perfectionist in me. I’m proud of myself for doing this all by myself. It’s a start on the journey to where I want to be.


And what a better outfit to shoot myself than one I absolutely adore. It’s flares galore! Normally when I plan an outfit it never looks like I imagined, and I did actually have a doubt with this one.

Too much flare? Now I know it’s not possible.

The look turned out better than I thought. I paired the trousers with the prettiest flared sleeve crop top from Nasty Gal. I feel amazing, even just looking at these pictures.


Treat yourself to a pair of trousers (or what ever you’d like) that makes you feel this badass!!

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Why shopping cheaper can be good ft. the eBay bargain skirt


I recently fell in love with the Apex skirt from UNIF but not so much with the price. Not that I haven’t spent a hell of a lot more on a lot less, but I just wasn’t feeling £67 for a mini skirt that day.

That led me to see if there was anything similar somewhere else that was a little cheaper. Hours and hope was lost. Nothing was as cute as that skirt 🙁 . My last resort was eBay, which I didn’t have much confidence in.

But this time my pessimism was wrong. I found a pretty little skirt which looked almost identical! Even down to simple details like the zip, which was one of the quirky traits that actually drew me to the original skirt from UNIF in the first place.

A small difference is the materials. The bargain skirt is polyester instead of denim, but that meant it was a fraction of the price. I can’t tell you exactly what fraction because my maths is no longer even average, but it’s a good one.



That’s all this skirt cost! And look how cute! I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but you really can’t complain for under 8 quid.

It did have to come from China, so of course there was a wait. I think it took around 3 weeks to arrive. I know that it was long enough for me to forget about it and receive a nice little surprise in the post. I was having a moment (again) where didn’t like any of my clothes so this came at the perfect time, and fulfilled my dreams of being a 60’s babe (well, wannabe).

With how good this turned out, I’m definitely going to try eBay more often for small clothing items like this skirt or some accessories. I’ll often go to vintage kilo sales when I’m looking for clothes for good value. You can get a bag full (weighing 1 kilo) for £15. Charity shops can also be a goldmine if you dig deep enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I love splashing the cash on beautiful items 99.9% of the time. But that’s not always ideal. It’s good to shop around.

There’s some great stuff about for a proper good price. I repeat, £7.96!! You just have to look around. If you don’t mind waiting then I think it’s worth ordering cheaper online. Save a bit of money and get a pretty addition to your wardrobe.



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Styling a floral dress in the colder months


Midi and maxi dresses have a place in my heart, so I don’t want to stop at summer and put them away for a year. I’m going to keep my legs out until they physically freeze and fall off.

Okay, not literally.

But I recently bought this midi dress from Nobody’s Child in a sale. Mainly because I was feeling sad that I had to return a beautiful pair of trousers because I read the sizing wrong online. So what do I do? Naturally buy more clothes online, of course.

The floral design of this dress is really simple, it actually reminds me of some wallpaper I saw once… I think it’s the cut of the dress which makes it so damn cute.

I decided to go for the classic tee shirt under dress look. Even though I’m braving my legs out as it gets colder, I’m not a complete moron. (Although some might disagree).

Then I topped it off with my trusted vintage coat. I should really get a new one now, to mix things up a bit. And I have been looking, but you know when you’re just not sure if anything ever will be as good as what you’ve already got? Because, well, do I really need a new one? Yeah, that’s the state I’m currently in.

Now it’s down to the feet with my Polley Dr Martens. Not my favourite, but my go to pair as they compliment pretty much every outfit going.

It’s such a cosy little look, if I do say so myself.

Minus the white tee, plus a pair of heeled boots, a leather jacket and some accessories, this dress will be perfect for a night out as well.

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Why I love a good co ord

We’re going back to summer with these photos. I’ve been waiting a while to use them, not sure if I should, and I finally thought, why not? I love my braided hair, the setting and the colours in this outfit. Apart from my awful posture and so not subtle sun burnt arms, I love everything about these photos.

Another thing I love is co ords!

I couldn’t tell you how many twin sets I have off the top of my head. I love a good pattern, so most of them have wild designs on or are flowery as fuck.

Out of all fashion items, I’d say twin sets are the thing I’m drawn to most.

co ord

The best thing about them?

How many different looks you can get just from one twin set! A co ord looks lovely when worn as it’s pair. It’s easy to dress up and dress down. If I’m wearing a set in the day, I usually throw on a cardigan and some comfy shoes, most likely Dr Martens.

I was about to go out for dinner when these photos were taken, so I wore sandals with a slight heel and a leather jacket (which isn’t in the pics) to “posh” up the outfit a little.

But you don’t have to wear the items together, and that’s where it gets fun.

I’m quite the fan of a plain white t shirt, so I’ll often take the patterned bottoms from a co ord, and pair that with a simple tee. Or flipping it around, I’ll tone down a colourful twin set top with some black trousers (see here) or blue jeans.

You can create so many different looks from 2 pieces of clothing, and as much as I repeat outfits, I love the excitement of putting on a new outfit and feeling great.

co ord

Do you love co ords as much as I do?

PS: If I ever do solve my posture problem, there will be a 1500 words celebratory post.

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Polka Dots and Flares


Please excuse my blurry hand in the photo above, becauuuuuse I recently put together one of my favourite outfits ever!

There’s actually nothing new in this outfit what so ever. Well, the flares are only about a month old, but this wasn’t the first time I’d worn them.

I put this look together while I was on holiday. Unfortunately for me, you can’t fit your whole wardrobe in a suitcase. So I didn’t have all of my favourite tops and what not, because what I could take needed to be thin enough to help me survive the heat.

Flares fashion forever.

Of course it gets a bit colder at night, so luckily I was able to wear these incredible flares from ASOS. They’re super comfy and look amazing.






I wore them with a black ribbed bodysuit from and platform sandals that I’ve had in my bedroom for so long I can’t remember where I got them…

Now for the polka dots!

I picked up the jacket I’m wearing at a Vintage Kilo Sale. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s a sort of “touring” event. They go around different cities in the UK with a bunch of vintage clothes. On your way in you have to pay a small fee (usually about £1.50, I think) to pick up a plastic bag, then take a look around, and whatever clothes you like, pop them in the bag. When you’re finished, the staff there will weigh your bag and ta da! The weight of the clothes you’ve picked up will determine what you pay i.e. 1 kilo = £15.

I’ve been to many of these events and I love them! You can get some real gems if you look deep enough, and at such small prices! This jacket in particular is super light, so probably didn’t add much weight to my bag that day at all.




I’ve always struggled to pair the jacket with anything before. Even though it’s so simple, I’ve never found an outfit that I felt it matched. I mainly chucked it in my suitcase just so I had more than one jacket.

So when I had this unfinished outfit, I thought I’d try it over the top, as there’s not really any pattern without it. And I think it looks really cute! I’m so glad to finally get some wear out of this jacket after it being shoved away in my wardrobe for nearly a year.




Then of course I needed a pretty little bag to finish it all off. I went with this small patterned handbag from ASOS Marketplace.

I’ll be repeating this look without a doubt.