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Learning to jewel up


I absolutely love jewellery and accessorising but I’m terrible at it. Every time I see other girls all jewelled up, I’m like “Damn, that’s so cute. Why can’t I do that?”

Then I remember. I have so many earrings and necklaces, I literally just forget to wear them.

I recently wore a pair of simple stud earrings for a few months. Then I took them out for some reason and never remembered to put them back in. It’s funny because I have quite a few piercings, so you’d expect me to be changing them up all the time. But apart from cleaning them, I leave them alone.

The other day I had a clear out of all the jewellery that I haven’t worn in ages. I basically had nothing left afterwards, but that’s good. No reason to keep pointless shit around.

That gave me an excuse to go online to Shop Dixi and take a look at getting some new stuff! I completely avoided bracelets as they’re something I can never get used to. I get so easily irritated wearing bands on my wrist now, which is funny thinking back to my 14 year old self who’s forearms were FULL of wristbands with my all favourite emo bands on. Now I can only handle wearing a watch, but I still get annoyed some days and have to take it off for a bit.

Anyway, because of that problem, I went straight to the rings section.

I’ve always been a huge lover of rings. Details, stones and their mystical qualities, colours. Everything about them, to be fair. I just never bothered to wear any.

I was spoilt for choice on Shop Dixi. Every ring stocked is so wonderful in it’s own way. Silver is my go too, as I think gold can be too bold for my skin tone. Plus, it clashes with my hair haha.



The first one that really drew me in though was the Sansa Seraphinite Sterling Silver Boho Ring, and I just had to get it. I love seraphinite and the ring just has little edge about it.

Of course I couldn’t just get one stone ring, so after a lot of flicking between tabs to find the perfect one, I went for the delicate Moonstone Ring.

The Thorn Band Midi Ring was tempting from the start. But in the end I decided that this cute little Crown Boho Midi Ring would complete my set perfectly. Then when I checked my basket, the thorn ring was in there too?

Turns out there was an offer on and because I’d spent a fair bit, I got this ring for free. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially when it’s something you were willing to pay for.


As if all those rings wasn’t enough, I bought this little moon mirror necklace a few days later after seeing it in an email from Shop Dixi.

Yeah, I work in marketing and still get sucked in by tactics.

Even though silver is my favourite jewellery, I just couldn’t resist this lil bronze number, especially for just a fiver! The detail is wonderful. It’s such a cute addition to my (now) very small jewellery collection, and I think it might just be my favourite piece.

I can’t wait to pair it with a low v-neck dress, or maybe even draped over a polo neck jumper. However I decide to style it, I have a feeling I’ll be wearing it more often than not now. I refuse to forget about this one!

Are you as bad with jewellery as I was? (Yeah, I’m writing that in past tense because I am going to be better at it…)