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Why shopping cheaper can be good ft. the eBay bargain skirt


I recently fell in love with the Apex skirt from UNIF but not so much with the price. Not that I haven’t spent a hell of a lot more on a lot less, but I just wasn’t feeling £67 for a mini skirt that day.

That led me to see if there was anything similar somewhere else that was a little cheaper. Hours and hope was lost. Nothing was as cute as that skirt 🙁 . My last resort was eBay, which I didn’t have much confidence in.

But this time my pessimism was wrong. I found a pretty little skirt which looked almost identical! Even down to simple details like the zip, which was one of the quirky traits that actually drew me to the original skirt from UNIF in the first place.

A small difference is the materials. The bargain skirt is polyester instead of denim, but that meant it was a fraction of the price. I can’t tell you exactly what fraction because my maths is no longer even average, but it’s a good one.



That’s all this skirt cost! And look how cute! I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but you really can’t complain for under 8 quid.

It did have to come from China, so of course there was a wait. I think it took around 3 weeks to arrive. I know that it was long enough for me to forget about it and receive a nice little surprise in the post. I was having a moment (again) where didn’t like any of my clothes so this came at the perfect time, and fulfilled my dreams of being a 60’s babe (well, wannabe).

With how good this turned out, I’m definitely going to try eBay more often for small clothing items like this skirt or some accessories. I’ll often go to vintage kilo sales when I’m looking for clothes for good value. You can get a bag full (weighing 1 kilo) for £15. Charity shops can also be a goldmine if you dig deep enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I love splashing the cash on beautiful items 99.9% of the time. But that’s not always ideal. It’s good to shop around.

There’s some great stuff about for a proper good price. I repeat, £7.96!! You just have to look around. If you don’t mind waiting then I think it’s worth ordering cheaper online. Save a bit of money and get a pretty addition to your wardrobe.



6 thoughts on “Why shopping cheaper can be good ft. the eBay bargain skirt

  1. This is such a beautiful skirt it really suits you and I love how you have styled it! I can’t believe how cheap it was! I am going to be having a look on eBay in a bit to see what I can buy too haha

    1. Ahh thank you! I couldn’t believe the price either. So so good! And you totally should, haha. I hope you find some bargains too x

  2. I love this skirt! I also really like the top you’ve paired it with! Such a pretty outfit! I actually really like shopping on Ebay. You can find some really great deals on there!

    1. Thank you, lovely! This skirt was the first thing I’d gotten from eBay but I agree! I’m definitely going to be shopping on there more from now on

  3. That’s such a good price. I love the skirt, I adore mini skirts. I also love how you’ve styled it!

    1. I was SO pleased with the price! Thank you, lovely 🙂

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