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Being kind to the planet is an issue close to my heart. Polymer Clay is a form of plastic, which gives it a ton of features perfect for jewellery, but of course it's unfortunately not the kindest material to the planet.

Because of this, I'm constantly reviewing the processes, suppliers and products I use at Start With Daisies, to ensure I am being as sustainable as can be.

My current packaging process is eco friendly. Everything from my stickers to boxes are made from recycled materials, meaning none of my packaging supplies are virgin materials. They're also all 100% recyclable! If you can try to reuse the packaging materials to get as much use out of them as possible, please do! But if not, don't worry, everything can go in the recycling together.

When it comes to the jewellery, I again try to limit waste as much as possible. The Classic Collection are all designs made to order. Other collections are limited stock to limit pieces being thrown away, as there’s no worse thought than creating a huge collection for it to be sitting around wastefully waiting to sell.

The other bonus of limited and made to order stock means that your jewellery will be unique to you! Due to the handmade nature of the items, every piece will be ever so slightly different.

I also try to limit the amount of wasted polymer clay by using leftover scraps for new and one of a kind items. Keep an eye out for recycled clay updates to grab yourself some super cute jewellery while being kind to the earth in the process.

This small business is my passion and I pour so much love into every aspect of it to make it my dream vision and as wonderful for all of you too. I'm constantly learning, improving and adapting everything I do to make shopping at Start With Daisies a fantastic experience, while being as sustainable and eco friendly as I can.