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Start With Daisies is an independent brand founded in 2018 by me, Vicky. Every item you'll find here started out as just a thought, and then lovingly became a reality.

My aim is to create wearable art that will add some sweetness, fun and flowers to any outfit.

The inspiration for the pieces you'll find here come from my love for nature. Even though I'm terrible at keeping them alive (constantly trying to improve), I adore plants and flowers, and their beauty is where I find my creative inspiration from.

Why Start With Daisies?

Before I found direction with my art and needed inspiration, I would always subconsciously start with creating a daisy, whatever medium I was working with.

So it seemed only fitting to keep my art in a collection called Start With Daisies.

They’re quite simple looking flowers, but there’s something so beautiful and positive about a daisy, to me, and I’m hoping to share that same positivity with you through my creations.