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Olive branch tattoo

olive branch tattoo

I got a lot of tattoos last year. Well, to a heavily tattooed person, I probably didn’t. But considering I started 2018 with 3 tattoos and ended it with – off to go count – 8, I’d say I got a lot.

The majority of those were done in May and then I had a little break.

An olive branch tattoo was something I’d been thinking about for a while. Those thoughts included debating whether it was a good idea or not, because of the meaning behind it and me being so emotional (we’ll get to that later).

Obviously, because I’m writing this post, I decided to get the tattoo. I’d been following the tattoo artist on Instagram for ages beforehand and when I finally knew I wanted the olive branch tattoo, she was the first artist I thought of.

2 weeks later and I was back in a tattoo studio. Which may I add starts up the addiction again hah!

The artist had actually sketched 2 very similar designs. The only difference was the olives themselves, whether they would be fully filled in or only lightly shaded. As you probably noticed, I went for the fully filled in olives so they stood out against the leaves.

The placement I choose was on the inner side of my left forearm. Kinda just to balance out my tattoos, as I’d been looking a bit bottom heavy, hah! Apart from the odd few twitches, the pain really wasn’t that bad at all.

Bending my arm into the most awkward positions was what caused the most frustration. It only took around half an hour to complete the whole tattoo. It took longer for my arm to return back to normal from the cramp and locked elbow. Ouch. But as I’ve said before, the euphoria of having a new tattoo always overrides the pain.

The tattoo looks so so beautiful and I love it even more because of the meaning behind it.

I talk about my dog a hell of a lot, some say too much but I don’t believe that could ever happen. So you may already know that she’s called Olive (if you did then this probably won’t be a surprise hah). She means the world to me and I wanted something with me all the time to honour her.

I’m not a fan of realism work so getting her big puppy dog eyed face tatted was a no go. I adore floral tattoos and then I realised olives themselves grow on the most prettiest trees and that swayed me to go for a more symbolic tattoo instead. Hence an olive branch tattoo for my little Olive.

I know someday in the future, probably multiple times, I’ll look at this tattoo and ball my eyes out. There will be tonnes of sad tears, but there will be many happy ones sprinkled in too because I’m lucky enough to have my beautiful dog.

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