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Tattoo Talk: Introducing the moon lady

moon lady tattoo

As much to my nan’s dismay, I got another tattoo. YAY! When I called to tell her I was going round that afternoon and that I had something to tell her, she told me my mom had already split the beans of where I was that morning, and that they were going to eat my slice of chocolate cake because I no longer deserved it for continuing to “ruin my body”.

Luckily, there was still a piece left for me when I got there and my god, it was good. But anyway, I’m getting distracted (typically by my sweet tooth).

We’re really here to talk about my little moon lady!

As cringy as it sounds, my inspiration for this tattoo came from my aspirations. I like to think I’m quite an ambitious person. There’s a lot of things I want to achieve in my life. I’m not sure if I’ll complete them all, but you’ve got to try, even if they are a bit wacky.

Somehow in my strange little mind I connected that to my craving for a tattoo of the moon. We physically dream under the moon, so why not flip that and make it more magical by having a woman dreaming about everything and anything she wants her life to be among the stars?

This design wasn’t what I pictured when I sent the request to the artist. I was imagining a girl, daydreaming, possibly with her hand on her chin, leaning over the base of a crescent moon. It’s hard to describe, but it looked cute in my head.

But when I saw what Elle (the artist) had drawn, I was so eager to get started. As soon as I saw the design, I loved it which helped me to relax which is so important when getting a tattoo.

We put the stencil on my leg and it was the perfect fit about mid way down my calf.

This one didn’t hurt half as much as when I got my arm tattooed. Of course there were moments where I was flinching a bit, mainly when it got to the many lines towards the back of my calf. But to be fair, the worst pain was actually the cramp caused by the position I had to sit in.

I had to lay on my left side with my legs bent. Oh my, I struggled to walk when I got up.

moon lady tattoo
This was taken by the artist (instagram: @elledonlon_tattoo) as soon as we’d finished!

Isn’t she gorgeous? Me and some friends decided that she could do with a name. I’ve been trying to come up with something but I haven’t managed to settle on anything yet. Right now I’m liking “Daisy” or “Luna”. Geddit?

15 thoughts on “Tattoo Talk: Introducing the moon lady

  1. I love this it’s so pretty. Ah it makes me want to get another one so bad! Looks great on you x

    1. Thank you!! Ahh, what tattoo do you have? x

  2. Hi, I like the name Luna ?.

  3. Love this! It’s beautiful 🙂 I can agree with you on nan’s not liking tattoos -my grandparents and parents are the same. ‘I am not angry – I am disappointed’ – that is usually the reply. It’s our body so let’s do as we please! Look forward to seeing more added to your collection <3

    1. Yes, they’re always disappointed haha! I totally agree, as reckless as it sounds, if we want to get tattoos, we shall! Thank you so much! Xx

  4. oh my she is beautiful and I love your inspiration behind it!

    1. Thank you, lovely!

      1. This is a beautiful tattoo! I love the name Luna its lovely!

  5. Haha your poor Nan! What a gorgeous tattoo though! Love the name Luna x

  6. What a pretty tattoo! I love tattoos but I don’t have any! I have loads designs but never took them and got them done! I think it’s nice that this means something to you and not just a bit of ink!

    Pinar |

    1. You definitely need to be certain about the design, but you should think about taking them to an artist if you really love them

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