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Styling a floral dress in the colder months


Midi and maxi dresses have a place in my heart, so I don’t want to stop at summer and put them away for a year. I’m going to keep my legs out until they physically freeze and fall off.

Okay, not literally.

But I recently bought this midi dress from Nobody’s Child in a sale. Mainly because I was feeling sad that I had to return a beautiful pair of trousers because I read the sizing wrong online. So what do I do? Naturally buy more clothes online, of course.

The floral design of this dress is really simple, it actually reminds me of some wallpaper I saw once… I think it’s the cut of the dress which makes it so damn cute.

I decided to go for the classic tee shirt under dress look. Even though I’m braving my legs out as it gets colder, I’m not a complete moron. (Although some might disagree).

Then I topped it off with my trusted vintage coat. I should really get a new one now, to mix things up a bit. And I have been looking, but you know when you’re just not sure if anything ever will be as good as what you’ve already got? Because, well, do I really need a new one? Yeah, that’s the state I’m currently in.

Now it’s down to the feet with my Polley Dr Martens. Not my favourite, but my go to pair as they compliment pretty much every outfit going.

It’s such a cosy little look, if I do say so myself.

Minus the white tee, plus a pair of heeled boots, a leather jacket and some accessories, this dress will be perfect for a night out as well.

25 thoughts on “Styling a floral dress in the colder months

  1. I have always loved the floral print. It has been everywhere lately and I am so glad. This is a super nice dress. I have never thought of wearing it on top of a tee-shirt but why not after all 🙂 xx corinne

  2. Hi, I love the idea of getting extra wear from a dress by putting a smile tee shirt underneath, love the DM’s as well.

    1. Thank you! I’ve had this pair of Dr Marten’s for about 2 years now and they’re still brilliant

  3. I really love this dress the floral print is beautiful. I can’t believe I never thought of wearing a long sleeved tshirt under a dress like this for the colder months! It’s genius! Will be giving this a go. xx

    1. It’s such a cute dress, isn’t it? Yeah, you should definitely try it! I think it’s a shame to save dresses only for spring and summer. Plus, it gives a different angle to the outfit and can look quite cute! X

  4. This is such a beautiful dress it really suits you! I love wearing shirts under dresses I feel so 90s


    1. Thank you! And me too! The 90’s is always good outfit inspiration x

  5. I love the floral pattern on the dress! I’m not one for maxi dresses, they’re too bold for me haha I struggle a bit with fashion haha

    1. I guess they’re not for everyone, but ah no, I’m sure you’re not bad at fashion aha! Fashion is whatever you want to wear x

  6. My new thing this year is wearing ‘summer’ dresses with tops underneath.

    That dress would look great with a polo neck underneath…. perfect

    1. It’s great, isn’t it?
      That’s true! Thank you for the tip. I’ll definitely have to try it with a polo neck now haha! x

  7. That dress is so cute! I love the pattern of it.

  8. Love love love your jacket, it looks amazing paired over the dress!

    xx, Valeria

  9. I love this post! I’m really short so tend to shy away from full length stuff but this dress is beautiful. Looks great on you too! X


    1. I know what you mean, it’s good to go for clothes that flatter your height as well as shape. Thank you so much! X

  10. Beautiful dress! I’m in love with Nobody’s Child and it looks amazing on you. Love to see more outfits x

    1. Thank you, lovely! x

  11. Love this look and great idea bringing it into this season with you ??

  12. I love it. I don’t know why I always gravitate towards floral print. My mom is totally hippie and I think she rubbed her style off on me.

    1. I find myself getting drawn to floral patterns too. There’s something about it, it’s just so good for every occasion I think

  13. I absolutely love floral prints. They’re so versatile and brighten up any look.
    Because I’m petite I tend to avoid maxi dresses which is a shame because there are so many beautiful ones!

    1. I may have a solution to that problem… If you like the patterns of maxi dresses a lot, maybe you could get one and cut it / stitch it so it’s shorter? It may be a bit of work, but worth it? Haha!

  14. I love the dress itself, super relaxed!

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