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3 tips to make your wardrobe more ethical

ethical wardrobe

Even though I purchase most of my fashion pieces from charity shops and vintage stores, my wardrobe still isn’t all recycled. I’d say it’s about 85% ethical. Which of course I’m proud of but I always wanna do better if I can.

4 years ago, my wardrobe only consisted of fast fashion items. I started by just buying a few vintage pieces purely because I liked the style and love the idea of having a unique outfit.

Then as I started to grow my collection, I began reading about the negatives of fast fashion and how shopping more ethically can make a difference.

So then that was another thing inspiring me to buy more second hand clothes. I could look cute and be ethical.

Now it’s become a bit of a routine for me but if you’re wanting to make your wardrobe more ethically friendly, here’s 3 tips to get you started!

Limit yourself

If almost everything you own is from fast fashion brands, this is probably the best place to start. Set a limit of how many fast fashion items you can buy in a month.

The number you pick depends on how many things you buy regularly, I guess. But don’t feel guilty if you don’t manage to stick to it at first!! It’s a bigger change than you think.

Start with second hand

Whenever you need that new dress or top, don’t go straight to ASOS. There’s plenty of more ethical places you can look first!

Local charity shops, vintage stores and Depop are my go tos. Just search what you’re looking for and see if anything fits what you need before shopping high street.

If you don’t find anything at first, don’t worry! There is a bit of an art to charity shopping. Just making the effort to start shopping more ethically is great.

Recycle your clothes

It’s not just about buying clothes ethically, you can also have a more ethical wardrobe by getting rid of some of your clothes.

Every few months, take some items you don’t want anymore to a charity shop. You’re donating to good causes and keeping your wardrobe more ethically friendly by recycling clothes, instead of just dumping them.

I try and sell some of my items occasionally too. That way I’m helping others to shop more second hand if they like my items, and making a lil bit of money in the process. It’s literally all win win!

So there you go! Those are my 3 tips to help make your wardrobe more ethically friendly.

As I said before, it takes a very long time to get a completely recycled wardrobe. I’m still not there yet, but implementing these things into my life has helped me get to the point I’m at.

I hope they help you too! Every step, even tiny, towards a more ethical wardrobe is incredible!!

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Olive branch tattoo

olive branch tattoo

I got a lot of tattoos last year. Well, to a heavily tattooed person, I probably didn’t. But considering I started 2018 with 3 tattoos and ended it with – off to go count – 8, I’d say I got a lot.

The majority of those were done in May and then I had a little break.

An olive branch tattoo was something I’d been thinking about for a while. Those thoughts included debating whether it was a good idea or not, because of the meaning behind it and me being so emotional (we’ll get to that later).

Obviously, because I’m writing this post, I decided to get the tattoo. I’d been following the tattoo artist on Instagram for ages beforehand and when I finally knew I wanted the olive branch tattoo, she was the first artist I thought of.

2 weeks later and I was back in a tattoo studio. Which may I add starts up the addiction again hah!

The artist had actually sketched 2 very similar designs. The only difference was the olives themselves, whether they would be fully filled in or only lightly shaded. As you probably noticed, I went for the fully filled in olives so they stood out against the leaves.

The placement I choose was on the inner side of my left forearm. Kinda just to balance out my tattoos, as I’d been looking a bit bottom heavy, hah! Apart from the odd few twitches, the pain really wasn’t that bad at all.

Bending my arm into the most awkward positions was what caused the most frustration. It only took around half an hour to complete the whole tattoo. It took longer for my arm to return back to normal from the cramp and locked elbow. Ouch. But as I’ve said before, the euphoria of having a new tattoo always overrides the pain.

The tattoo looks so so beautiful and I love it even more because of the meaning behind it.

I talk about my dog a hell of a lot, some say too much but I don’t believe that could ever happen. So you may already know that she’s called Olive (if you did then this probably won’t be a surprise hah). She means the world to me and I wanted something with me all the time to honour her.

I’m not a fan of realism work so getting her big puppy dog eyed face tatted was a no go. I adore floral tattoos and then I realised olives themselves grow on the most prettiest trees and that swayed me to go for a more symbolic tattoo instead. Hence an olive branch tattoo for my little Olive.

I know someday in the future, probably multiple times, I’ll look at this tattoo and ball my eyes out. There will be tonnes of sad tears, but there will be many happy ones sprinkled in too because I’m lucky enough to have my beautiful dog.

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The road to better skin | Avene skincare review

avene skincare

I honestly can’t remember a time when I had completely clear skin. There was six months or so where I wasn’t worried about my skin because I hardly had any spots, but that doesn’t seem like it happened now.

Ever since I got the contraceptive implant, my whole body has been all over the place, but acne is the main thing that stresses me out. I don’t mind my bare face most of the time, but having a big juicy spot there does ruin it a little. So when there’s 10 of those and more, I can be a bit of a moody bitch to say the least, hah!

I started to face the fact I was never going to have perfect skin (in all honesty, who does?!) because there wasn’t a day where I didn’t have at least one spot.

I can deal with having a little bit of acne, but recently it just got too much, yet again.

Throughout my teens I struggled pretty bad with acne on my face and after numerous doctors appointments and trying different products, nothing seemed to shift it. Until – of course there was going to be a ‘but’ somewhere in this post – Avene was recommended to me.

My mom paid about £80 for a huge kit of skincare products. I think it was 4 products to use in the morning and 3 of a night. It was a huge amount of money but it was the last resort.

I can’t say I remember how long it took for me to see a difference but you know the ~almost~ completely acne free face I mentioned at the start? That happened after using these products. But being the idiot I am, I stopped using them when they ran out because my skin was clearer.

Obviously in hindsight I would’ve kept using them to this day, but hey ho.

I’d been trying so many products the last few months and nothing was doing the trick. But then I remembered Avene. A quick Google search later and the Avene Anti Blemish Kit was soon to be on it’s way to my house.

The 3 bottles are a cleansing gel, toner and moisturiser which you use daily, both morning and night. I’ve been using these for just under a month now (this is my 2nd batch lol), with no other skincare products.

avene skincare

But yeah, I still have acne.

I struggle with breakouts on my cheeks and chin more than anywhere else and the main thing that annoys me in the redness. You might have noticed that I’m pretty damn pale so the contrast makes the spots look even worse.

But I’ve seen a difference!! My spots are nowhere near as red as they were. I used to go through so bloody much colour corrector just to hide them and they would still bleed through the makeup. Now they’re covered with just a small amount of normal concealer. It’s like I’m in a dream.

I’ve found with most other acne fighting products, they seem to bring the spots out fiercely before getting rid of them. That’s not the case with this one. Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed the spots are slowly shrinking and leaving my face!!

Even though my skin still isn’t exactly how I’d like it, it’s on the right track.

Forgetting about the acne for a minute, my face has never been so soft! The Avene products have made my skin waaaaay less oily and super smooth.

It seems to work slowly but pretty damn goodly, nevertheless. They say “good things come to those who wait” so that’s what I’m gonna do! I’ll keep using Avene and hopefully I’ll soon be a fresh faced angel. Or something close to that at least.

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2018 was a weird year


I don’t know about you but this year has flown by for me. Not gonna lie, there’s parts I’m not even sure really happened because 2018 has been a bloody weird year.

There’s been a lot of ups and downs, and I feel like I’m at risk of ending this year on a negative note. Which isn’t what I wanna do lads!! So I thought I’d look back on 2018 to leave the bad things in the past and to take the good energy into 2019 with me.

To say I was on an emotional rollercoaster this year may be an understatement. I’ve gone through so many different emotional states, so it’s definitely been a ride, but not my favourite one.

As I mentioned in my post about why I’ve been struggling to blog lately, dating still isn’t going great. I can’t tell if I’m gullible or if a lot of guys are just smooth af liars? Either way, I’m putting dating aside and I’m focusing on myself in 2019.

Of course a lot more has happened but there’s a few aspects of my life that I still don’t feel comfortable putting on the internet, hah. And anyway – I want this post to be more positive than negative.



At the start of the year I wrote a to do list of some of the things I wanted to do this year.

Not gonna lie, I actually forgot what goals I had set. I know, I’m so good at organising my life. But now to actually look back at that post while writing this one, I’m actually pretty proud of myself.

The first goal I set was to have a solo trip. To quote past Vicky, “A weekend in Italy is my absolute dream” but I didn’t think it would actually happen. Well, it bloody did!! I started off with a few days in Prague to test myself, then I went to a festival all by myself and then a few months later, I was in Italy. All of those solo adventures have really made this year for me.

I also said I was going to improve my content and start planning more. I can now say I probably plan even less. I’m frickin awful at it and I think I always will be. But I am pretty proud of my content this year, especially with my second 70s look book on youtube.

But it’s not all about goals. A lot of good things have happened that weren’t planned.

I started going to the gym which I’d always been against. I never thought it’d be something I’d enjoy but now I bloody love it! It’s so much fun and has made me more aware of my body and trying to stay fit. I never realised just how damn unfit I was, hah!

Another thing that I never thought I would get back into is art. I loved it at school, but it disheartened me when I didn’t get the grades I wanted, sigh. So I fell out of love with sketching and painting and what not. But in 2018, I got back into art and started to teach myself how to make jewellery! I’m still in the process of learning but it’s something I’m super excited about.


I’ve learnt a lot about myself in 2018 and had some pretty amazing experiences. They outweigh the bad things this year brought to me by far!

Here’s to more adventures, self love and only giving our time to people who truly deserve it in 2019!

Happy new year, flowers x

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A sunrise shoot

sunrise shoot

Sometimes the sunlight shines beauuuuuutifully into my bedroom in the morning. Whenever I have time I like to try and be creative with it.

On Sunday I opened my curtains to the lovely sunrise beaming through my nets and casting pretty patterns on my walls. I just knew I had to make the most of it!

sunrise shoot

Of course I would normally get all glammed up to take photos but I didn’t have time.

The sunrise wasn’t going to last forever so I set up my tripod and pointed the camera at my bed. It would’ve looked a lil suspicious if someone came in, hah!

With no makeup and without even brushing my hair (yikes) I sat by my pillows to see how the lighting looked for my sunrise shoot. But then someone else decided they wanted to be the photo subject instead…

sunrise shoot

Once I’d got my adorable poser of a dog to budge, it was time to snap some pics.

I chose to wear my gym shorts and a black bandeau. Mainly because I was tired and in a rush before the sunlight disappeared, but also because I wanted the colours to be quite neutral.

I was focusing on the light and shadows and how they were falling against my skin. That led to some distant shots and others close up.

sunrise shoot

sunrise shoot

sunrise shoot

My favourite is tied between the shadows on my back and one of the shots of me playing with my hair. Maaaaaan, that sunlight made my hair look more ginger than it ever has. I bloody love it!!

It’s funny because this is one of the photoshoots I’m most happy with and I’m at my most natural state. Tired, bare faced and a little bit naked.

sunrise shoot

sunrise shoot

I let my creativity flow with this sunrise shoot and I’m so proud of how they’ve turned out.

It also makes me feel more positive about my struggles to plan and constantly stay on top of my content, because being spontaneous this time has given me some pretty cool pics and a tonne of inspiration.

sunrise shoot


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How I took self portraits on my solo trip in Italy

self portraits in italy

Hello! My trip to Italy in September was beauuuuutiful and I’m finally getting round to talking about it here. You may or may not know that I went by myself. Of course everyone wants to get those holiday pics while you’re away, and I’m no different.

I took many many selfies, but there was some points where I wanted to get a different angle shot.

I never thought I’d be able to pose in public, especially by myself. But I frickin did it!!

Even though I thought I needed to be with people to feel confident enough to do it, I think being alone is actually what gave me the confidence. No one there knew me and it felt so free.

So I thought I’d show you some of the self portraits I managed to take and tell you a bit about how I got them.

I only took my phone on this trip. Hauling my camera around everywhere didn’t seem ideal, and plus I was worried about pickpockets. 

I meant to take my little phone stand to get better self portraits but my dumb brain forgot to pick it up before I left. So that meant I had to try and take all photos of myself by balancing my phone on whatever I could find in the moment. Which was sometimes very risky. But anyway, here we go.

The Gardens

self portraits pisa

The first self shot I got was on my first day in Pisa. I visited the Botanical Gardens and at one point I stopped to chill on a bench for a while and saw this as my first selfie opportunity. There were a few people round, but I’d say this was the quietest spot I snapped a picture of myself over the weekend.

I put my phone on self timer and balanced it against the armrest of the bench. And snap! After a few attempts, this is what I got. I do think the lighting could have been better, but I actually really like the shadows cast by the trees. I feel like it makes me look a lil mysterious, hah

The Museum

I captured this photo while in Florence! The one place I’ve always dreamed of visiting. I went to the Uffizi Gallery, which was frickin’ unbelievable. I took of a lot of photos of all the beauty in the building, but at one point I wanted to capture a moment of me being there.

There was an area with some benches about halfway round and I wanted to take a moment to chill as it was starting to become a long day. And of course I had to use that moment to get my next self portrait.

This setting was much busier than the gardens so apart from having more balls, the way I got the pic was the same.

The Rocks

This little shoot led to some of my favourite photos from the whole trip. I spent one day seeing a few of the Cinque Terre towns, which I totally recommend visiting btw!!

In a moment of total self love and confidence, I stuck my phone in a gap in a rock on the beach in Vernazza and posed my lil heart out. I think this gorgeous velvet swimsuit combined with the incredible time I was having just made me feel amazing. So hell yeah I strutted my stuff and posed my little heart out!

I got quite a few stares while I was getting these self portraits haha, but it was so worth it! Not only because I adore the photos, but also because not caring about what people thought of me in that moment has given me a push to do that more often when I’m in England, and not just when I travel.

So those were the 3 self portraits I got while in Italy! No, they’re nothing you’d see in Vogue, but they represent me pretty well and I’m super proud of them. Mainly because of the confidence it took to get them hah!

But as you can see, I took them on a fairly small scale so it really wasn’t that noticeable. It’s so easy to get paranoid and think everyone is staring at you, which is why I never got any self shots when I went to Prague.

But in a weird way, it’s kind of liberating to pose in public!

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Moonrise Book Review

moonrise With all the random posts that go up on this blog, surprisingly not one has ever been a book review. Well, it’s not actually that surprising considering I hadn’t completed a fiction book in about 5 years. I used to never put books down as a teen. I never fell out of love with reading, I just had less and less time and new priorities. That’s adulthood for ya. But when I was planning my weekend at 2000 Trees, I decided to take a book. Mainly just so I’d have something to do other than sit on my phone if I ever wanted an hour or two away from the festival madness. Moonrise by Sarah Crossan was the one I chose to take. It’s completely different to all the fantasy books I used to adore, and that’s why I picked it up. I’ve grown out of all those love stories. Now I want books that keep me engrossed for a different reason, and Moonrise did just that.

Now as this is my first book review, I’ve got to make sure I don’t spoil it, hah.

The main plot follows the character Joe to Texas, where his brother, Ed, is on death row. Ed was convicted of murdering a policeman after running away from home. One thing that intrigued me while I was considering buying this book was the way it was written. I always have a little flick through the pages while I’m in a book shop. I’m not sure why, but I do. I noticed the chapters of Moonrise are awfully short. They were almost verses, and that really drew me in. Probably just because I was easing myself back into reading and a short book seemed like a good way to start. But after actually reading this book, those chapters mean so much more than just me being lazy. moonrise by sarah crossan Just enough is said, no more than that. It keeps the story fast paced because you’re always wanting to find out more. And as the book covers such a sensitive topic, this gives it a huge sense of urgency. I was always turning the pages, wanting to know what happens. There are moments that shock you which also keep you enticed, but those points never take away from the message of Moonrise. At points it’s quite a tough read, but still so beautiful written. I’d recommend this book to almost everyone I know as it’s written in a way that I think most could enjoy. If you don’t mind getting hit in the feelings, definitely pick up Moonrise. It’ll really open your eyes to an issue that I think can be overlooked a lot. I’d love to know what you thought about it if you do decide to pick it up!
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The bus got me thinking


I feel like I talk a lot about how much I do by myself and must come across as a super confident person. I rarely talk about the anxieties I used to have. Maybe because my mind seems to have blocked a lot of it out. Or because I think it makes me too vulnerable.

Who knows. But now I do want to talk about it because now I’ve actually thought about it, I’ve come a bloody long way!!

The other day I was walking past a bus stop that I walk past every day but for the first time, I actually registered it. Which then made me think back to when I was too scared to get the bus.

And it made me smile. From a time where just thinking of getting on a bus would make me feel physically sick, to now enjoying my train journey every morning. Well, when they’re actually running properly, hah!

That sounds like something so simple, but that was a huge step for me. And I didn’t even realised it.

But when I do remember how much anxiety filled me, causing me to rarely leave the house in my teenage years, I’m so proud of myself.

There’s still many things I have to overcome and improve, but we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t need little tweaks here and there. But the fact that I can now go out by myself to gigs, pubs, even get on a frickin plane, is amazing – if I say so myself.


Because I know how awful I felt filled with worry about the simplest daily occurrences, so those were never even things I considered doing.

The reason I wanted to write this post wasn’t to say how I’ve overcome a lot of my worries. I wanted to write it because I hadn’t even realised that I’d done it. Yeah, I know how crazy it sounds.

Of course I remember how I felt every time I got a little victory, like when I first got on the bus alone. But now that was years ago and I’ve done more things since, it got pushed to the back of my mind.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We need to think about those small wins more often. As tiny victories aren’t tiny at all because they lead to another challenge which we can overcome and so on.

No, it’s not easy, but it’s possible. Because now I live for those little victories. And you should too!

If you’ve read this whole post (firstly, thank you) you should think about some of your little victories. However big or small, just dig through your brain and surface some of those wins that you forgot about.

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my love for sunflowers


Plants are wonderful things, aren’t they? I’ve been purchasing some different ones recently, as well as discovering lots of new ones. But my favourite will always be the Sunflower.

I can’t tell you why exactly I love them so much. There’s not some deep story about how a sunflower saved my life once. I just think they’re pretty as hell.

When I was little, my brother and sister and I each had a sunflower. I remember my mom telling me how to take care of it and how I’d keep checking up on them to see who’s sunflower was growing taller. There’s always time for a bit of sibling rivalry, hah!!

I’m not sure what happened to those sunflowers now, but my love for the plant didn’t fade.



I’ve always loved spotting them out and about, and wearing them on my clothes!! As a print, they are perfect. Their bright yellow colour makes them stand out in nature and makes us stand out when we wear them.

Here I’m wearing a vintage sunflower print mini dress that I got from Cow. This one was speaking to me every time I walked past it in the shop. I’d accidentally knock it off the hanger and have to hang it back up or I’d spot the colours and think “oooooo that’s nice”, only to realise that I’d already looked at it 10 times. I saw all these little hints as a sign so I had to try it on and it fit me like a glove and is so so flattering!



When I bought this dress, it was the only sunflower ‘thing’ I had, but not anymore. A few weeks ago I spotted the plant for sale and decided that I was going to take the plunge and try to grow a sunflower again. That beauty is now happily planted in the garden!!

Actually having sunflowers around has ignited my love for them huuuuuugely. So of course I had to buy myself a bouquet of them, including roses too!

Those are what featured in this shoot. It was so much fun to get these photos. I just felt so positive, which may be down to the many sunflowers surrounding me. They just give off such good energy.


What’s your favourite flower?

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3 ways to make your morning better


I’m not a morning person. I snooze my alarm every bloody day, sometimes for an hour, like this morning… And after I finally drag myself out of bed, I’ll admit I’m not the chirpiest person.

That’s a trait I’ve been wanting to change for-flippin-ever but it doesn’t seem to be possible. I’m never going to be over the moon about getting up before 8am, so I’ve accepted it!! Instead I’ve been working on ways to make my morning better once I’m out of bed. Just some little changes in my routine that will hopefully put me in a better mood.

As you can probably guess, trying to get up earlier doesn’t work for me. So that rules out a lot of things because no one has the time to switch up their whole routine.

But there are a few things that do lift my mood most times. I thought I’d share them with you in case you’re just as much of a morning hater as me.

Put some music on

Who doesn’t love a dance? I used to play music every minute of the day in my bedroom when I was in my early teens, but like a lot of things, I grew out of it. So now it’s a nice change to play some music in the morning while I get ready for work.

I tend to just play whatever music I’m feeling that day, but you could make a specific morning playlist for all the tunes you wanna sing a long too to start your day off right!!

5 minute break

Routine can be great but I think part of why I get pissed off in the morning is because my routine is so same-y and busy. Recently I’ve just been taking 5 minutes chill time to sit with a cup of tea.

I sit with my dog, check my phone, sometimes just daydream. It’s just nice to take a short break from the usual hectic morning.


This one shouldn’t require you to get up any earlier but if you don’t want to risk getting carried away- we’ve all spent too long scrolling and ended up late, you can always set a slightly earlier alarm before you start to implement this one into your routine!!

Eat breakfast

Now this is something that should probably already be part of your morning routine, but it actually isn’t for me. Eating first thing in the morning is something I’ve not been able to master yet – don’t get me started on my eating habits, sigh!!

I never tend to have a lot of energy when I wake up, and of course eating helps with that. So that’s one I’m trying to get better at, because recently I’ve noticed my mood gets better when I have a little snack before work.

And there you go! That’s 3 ways I’ve been trying to make my mornings better recently.

Let me know if you do any of these and find them helpful to lift that damn morning mood, or whether you do something i haven’t mentioned!!