about me

Hello! I’m Vicky, the creator of Start With Daisies. I’m an artist and jewellery maker

I love vintage fashion and I’m a huge believer in shopping for clothes ethically as much as possible

When I’m not creating, I’m usually cuddling my dog, Olive

why start with daisies?

Most of my art inspiration comes from nature. I adore plants and flowers (even though I’m terrible at keeping them alive) so this love is where I’ve developed my art style from!

Usually whenever I start a painting, doodle or whatnot, I subconsciously start by drawing a daisy. So it seemed only fitting to keep my art in a collection called ‘Start With Daisies’

They’re quite simple looking flowers, but there’s something so beautiful and positive about a daisy, to me, and I’m hoping to share that positivity with you through my art!