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70s look books collection

I adore vintage fashion from a range of eras, but the 70s is the one I’m a lil obsessed with.

Flares, platforms and roll necks jumpers are my kink.

Okay not in that sense of the word, hah! But I do love ‘em. So when I’m in vintage stores, I’m usually looking for a specific 70s piece. If not, I’ll probably end up stumbling upon something from the era and desperately hoping that it fits.

My favourite outfits that I put together are usually 70s inspired so it’s not a surprise that filming 70s look books for YouTube comes to me pretty easily. It also my favourite kind of video to film because I get to pratt about in all my cute outfits. Hah!

That being said, I thought I’d collect all these themed look books I’ve made so far into one space.

So if you feel like the fashion side of your life is lacking some groovy vibes, check out my 70s look books!




2 thoughts on “70s look books collection

  1. I was curious as to what a look book was till I saw what you were meaning and it centering around fashion. And I am with ya I dig the 7080 styles there is so much change between the two but I grew up in the 80’s with parachute pants and Jams shorts. The 70s were a interesting with the exception of leisure suits those, I will never understand. Yet I do love the California summer girl look of the mid to late 70’s. That was the best.
    Anyhow, I like how you have taken inspiration from your 70’ muse and ran with it.
    Keep it up.

    1. Yeah, a look book is a series of outfits usually centred around a theme! The 70s and 80s were such unique fashion eras, that’s why I find them so interesting. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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