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110 Above Festival 2017: A Magical Weekend

110 above

The only way to start this post is with a massive thank you to everyone who put on 110 Above 2017.

After looking forward to it for months, and being a slight pessimist, I was worried I might be disappointed. But no way. It was better than I imagined.

It seemed like it was going to be in the middle of nowhere as we were on the journey via shuttle bus on Friday. And as we arrived, it was exactly that. A farm in Leicestershire. But it had been turned into something much more than that. With fairy lights brightening up pathways, creatively painted caravans and a damn right cosy set up – I knew it was going to be incredible.


The sweetest souvenirs.

Before the festival, I heard that the only way to find out the weekend’s set times would be by buying a programme. Being old school, I was a bit disappointed they wouldn’t just be online and was worried about the cost. But I knew I’d buy one anyway, as I didn’t want to miss any of my favourite bands. So when we were getting our wristbands, I asked for a programme. To my surprise, it was only a pleasant £3. And my god, it’s so cute! It’s the tiniest little booklet, being kept safe in a cassette tape box. I love keeping memorabilia from events I go too, and the prettiness of this makes it even better!


110 above


Another little cost is a plastic cup. Again, it’s only £3, and at the very cheap price of a weekend ticket, I don’t think anyone can complain. It’s reusable – you just have to remember to take it to the bar with you and they’ll fill it up! It was frustrating for the people who kept losing their cups, as they’d have to buy another. But if you look after it, it’s not a problem. I’ve even been using it at home already. Another nice memory to take away.


Pizza. Pizza. Did I mention Pizza?

So after a long morning of travelling and pitching our tents, it was time for food. There was a wide range of food available from small stalls. Thai food, burgers, wraps and more. But the idea of pizza was too tempting. I went for my all time favourite, ham and mushroom, and after about a 10 minute wait, I was handed not the neatest pizza, but the freshest and best smelling pizza ever.

Luckily, I was order number 3, so my wait wasn’t too long. There was huuuuge queues the rest of the weekend. But it tasted so good, I waited a while and got another on Saturday.


110 above pizza


After a relaxing hour or 2 spent exploring the small site, it was time for music!

The first band I was super excited for was Childcare. They’re one of those bands that I’ve been listening to on and off for a while, but just never got round to seeing. They were fantastic. Such a groove. The headliners for Friday night were Little Comets, whom I’d never heard of before. Yes, I’m sure you just gasped in horror too. But going in with no expectations was nice. They didn’t sound like anything I’d heard before, and it was great to just have a dance!

Saturday was the day the festival really began – it was raining! Good ol’ British weather. The macs and wellies were out. Well, not my wellies as I didn’t take any, but the smart people were wearing them! The wet weather didn’t dim Marsicians spirits. They were jumping around the stage and their positive energy spread through the crowd. We didn’t mind dancing in the rain.


By around 4 o’clock, the sun was back, and so were the cute festival clothes!

After ditching the rain macs, we headed back to the Old Town Hall Stage.

One of the performers I hadn’t heard of but thought I’d check out, was Mahalia. And what a lovely surprise! I stood at the barrier, but didn’t plan on staying too long, as I just fancied a lean to give my feet a bit of a break. But her delicate voice and witty tracks were so captivating, we watched her whole set in awe. I seriously recommend!

Clean Cut Kid had to cancel due to food poisoning, so High Tyde were given their set instead. I’m not a massive fan of them, but I am of mosh pits, and that one was calling me… Unfortunately, I didn’t leave the pit so enthusiastically after getting elbowed in the nose. 5 days later and it still hurts like hell, but hey, that’s all part of the moshing fun. Right?

The highlight of Saturday? D.I.D. The highlight of the weekend? D.I.D! They were insane and I would do anything to go back and relive seeing them.


110 above d.i.d


Sundara Karma were the night’s headliners, and as much as I love their album, their live performances don’t live up to it. The energy just wasn’t there and they made a few mistakes, the most noticeable on “Indigo Puff”, which I think was the one everyone was waiting for.


Sunday was full of beer, glitter and flamingos. What more could you want?

The final day had the best lineup for me. I was running back and forth between the stages all day. Stage clashes? They’re what everyone dreads at festivals. Not at 110 Above. There was no clashes! One band on at a time all weekend. This was perfect as there’s nothing more stressful than having to choose which of 2 brilliant bands you want to go see. I’d say the only downfall is that there wasn’t a music alternative if you didn’t know or like the artist playing at the time. But sometimes it was lovely to wander around the intimate space of 110 Above and find somewhere to simply sit, chill and have a chat.

If you follow me on social media you will have seen the glitter! I met some lovely girls who shared their sparkle with me. I instantly felt 100 times prettier and full of festival spirit. Dare I say glitter was one of my favourite things from the weekend? Well, there, I’ve said it now.

There was a small crowd going crazy for Inheaven, me included. The atmosphere in that little circle gave me such a buzz.

Everyone had their hands in the air all through Eliza And The Bear‘s set. 50% of the time dancing, the other half launching inflatable flamingos back into the air, and eventually on stage. Here’s the moment the famous flamingo joined the band.


110 above eliza and the bear


110 Above was closed with a bang when Coasts headlined. A sea of many happy faces dancing freely. It was completely contrasted by the next acoustic set from Benjamin Francis Leftwich. His smoothing voice and calming riffs was a peaceful end to a hectic 3 days, but I have to be honest, I still had my dancing shoes on, so it wasn’t really my cup of tea. But nevertheless, it was still enchanting in the surroundings.

Thank you 110 Above!

It was the best weekend I’ve had in a very long time. Definitely an indie’s dream festival. There’s no doubt I’ll be back next year!

Check out what I took to the festival here.

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